When is the right time to upgrade Dental Loupes?

dental loupes

Dental loupes are the magnifying glasses that allow dentists to have an enlarged view of everything that they see in the mouth of the patient. There are two primary reasons why Dental loupe are worn. First and most important, loupes are worn by dentists to have improved vision. The glasses simply enlarge everything that is in the field of view. The other important reason is, loupes are worn to provide right ergonomics to dentists while practising, thereby reducing strain on eyes and chances of neck and back pain.

Why is it necessary to wear Dental loupe while practising? A pair of Loupes works as an extra layer of eyes that provides enough magnification to view the area of focus, thereby enhancing the output of the treatment. By wearing Loupes, dentists are able to see minute elements of mouth like cavity, swollen gums and shape of a tooth with clarity. Most importantly, dentists can make a more accurate and complete diagnosis of problems in each patient’s mouth.

When you plan to purchase loupes, it is advisable to select the loupes with lower magnification that meets your needs. The most common magnification for the first-time loupe wearers is 2.5X to see a larger view of field. As vision changes over time, you may need to upgrade the magnification to reduce strain on eyes and to optimize the usage of the loupes.
In this blog, we will discuss common signs of when to upgrade Dental loupe.

1. Headaches- 

Headaches are the most common sign of stress on eyes. If a dentist is experiencing a headache from a longer time, it is quite likely that it could be due to an underperforming magnification lens, which causes pressure on eyes. An improper magnification not only causes headache and discomfort to overall being but affects your neck and back as well. If the pain prolongs, then it could lead to severe problems and injuries.

2. Change in vision-

A dentist requires a proper vision while treating patients. Therefore it is imperative to keep magnification glasses up to date as per wearer’s prescription. A right level of magnification is critical for maintaining healthy eyes. If dentists continue to wear loupes that are not up to date, there are higher chances of them making mistakes during treatment. Correct pair loupes are built to promote proper ergonomics, preventing eye strain and body aches. 

So, whenever you face a problem in the field of vision while wearing dental loupes, remember it’s the time to change the magnification.

3. Unclear optic-

Magnification loupes provide crystal clarity to the wearer. So, whenever you notice that edges of teeth are blurred, it the time to change loupes. Dental loupes are built with high-index optics which makes it durable, but after continued use and with changes in wearer’s eye prescription, an old loupe may fall flat in providing optimum clarity.

By wearing the right loupe you can efficiently perform at work and obtain successful outcomes without straining eyes and overall body posture.

4. Neck & Back pain

A dentist with low power loupes or with no loupes is forced to bend closer to the patient to check minute elements of mouth, which in the long run may cause severe back and neck pain. According to a research paper, dentists take premature retirement due to musculoskeletal disorder.

With proper dental loupes, clinicians don’t require to bend low or twist in unnatural ways, which as a result will prevent neck and other body pains.

5. Scratched lens

dental loupes for sale

Dental procedures produce much debris, which contains very hard particles of tooth structure or metal. Although most magnifying dental loupes have protective coatings on the lenses unless extreme care is taken, some lenses soon become scratched, cloudy and difficult to use. 

If you invest in a low-grade dental loupe, there are high chances to get scratches on the lens. A loupe with scratch marks won’t suit you with proper vision, making it difficult to work. In contrast, if you buy loupes made by Schultz, you can stay stress-free about getting scratches on the lenses. Schultz loupes are made using the high-quality scratch-resistant coating which prevents mark.


A proper magnification is essential for dentists to maintain good health as well as to provide better patient care. So, when you think the loupes aren’t helping you function correctly, don’t wait! Get a new pair of loupes. Above listed signs will help you know about when it’s the right time to change loupes. 

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