Benefits Of Dental Loupes For Students

Dental magnification loupes are getting more popular these days not only among dentists, hygienists, and other dental professionals but also among dentistry students. The use of optical magnification aids in the earliest stage of the student's dental career has been noted to provide various benefits. That is why many dental schools across the globe have already integrated the use of dental loupes into classroom training. 

Benefits of dental loupes for students

 - Dentists and hygienists who have used dental magnifying loupes since their college years were able to develop a more neutral and a healthier posture.
 - Getting exposed to the use of dental optical loupes while still in dental school makes the learning curve a bit easier.
 - Students who use dental loupes during preclinical dental education tend to display greater overall performance as compared to those who don't use magnification optical aids. Dental magnification loupes allow you to work quicker when performing clinical dental procedures.
 - With the help of the loupes, the need for you to use computer-assisted evaluation for longer periods is also greatly reduced.
 - Dental loupes allow you to work and practice dental procedures without experiencing severe backache, neck pain, shoulder fatigue, and eyestrain.
 - Dental magnifying loupes can enhance your visual acuity and improve your precision not only when performing dental procedures but also in making an accurate diagnosis.

Student Headlight

Which loupe should I choose?

Dental loupes can either be flip-up or through the lens. As for which of these two types should you choose, it will greatly depend on you. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages. For someone who needs loupes for dental school can opt for the affordable option, the flip-up loupes. However, if you are thinking about long-term use, you can pick the more expensive option, the through the lens (TTL) loupes.

Both of these loupes differ in many ways but they can both provide you with the right magnification and great performance. The biggest difference between these two is the comfort they provide. Since the optical barrels of the TTL loupes are drilled directly into the carrier lens, they tend to be lighter as compared to the flip-up loupes, making the TTL more comfortable to use.

As for the magnification, a 2.5x magnification power is sufficient for general dentistry and for dental school use. 

Why should you consider our student loupes?

Having the right tools like the dental loupes and headlights is critical to becoming a successful dental professional. However, because dental loupes and headlights are relatively expensive, not all dental students are able to purchase their own loupes.

We understand the need for you to find high-quality dental loupes that are pocket-friendly for students like you. It is for this exact reason why we are offering the best value for our high-quality optical loupes. Aside from our excellent warranty program, we also offer 10% Student Discount. Our lightweight student loupes are designed with a comfortable fit. They also come in either titanium or sporty frame. All our student loupes also feature ANSI certified, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and medical grade HD optics. 


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