Dental Magnification Loupes And The Frame

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when shopping for dental magnification loupes. Among these important factors are the magnification level, pupillary distance (especially for through the lens loupes), working distance, depth of view, field of view, weight, prescription lenses, and type or design. However, these are not just the factors that you need to take a closer look at. There are other factors that are often overlooked, and this includes the frame and the quality of the optics. 

Dental magnification loupes do not only enhance the quality of your performance but also your productivity. The one that you have chosen should serve as an extension to your abilities and capacities to carry out any dental procedures without it interfering your work.

When it comes to the frame, most of the users tend to focus more on the design and the cost. Most often, they opt for the one with the best design and the one that offers the highest physical appeal at the most affordable price. And because of this, they tend to miss the other factors that affect the functionality of the frame and the dental optical loupe in general which often lead to disappointment, comfort issues, and less satisfying experience.

Apart from the design and the cost, you should also consider the frame's functionality which includes its adjustability and stability regardless of whether you are buying a through the lens loupe or a flip-up loupe.

Plastic frames, for instance, are the most widely used type of frame in the world today. Most of the plastic frames come with beautiful designs and colors. They are as well relatively less costly as compared to the other types of frames. The biggest problems with plastic frames are their adjustability and stability most especially after years of use. Plastic dental loupes frames are considered as the worst option. They are not only challenging to adjust, they are as well less stable and they tend to warp after a few months or years of use.

If you think about using your dental magnifying loupes on a long-term basis, steer away from those that are made of plastic and even those that are manufactured from flimsy metal. Just like the plastic type, the flimsy metal frames do not also offer the stability that is required to balance and hold the dental loupes in place for an extended period of time. Although they can easily be adjusted, they can also quickly go out of adjustment. This means that you have to adjust it from time to time to ensure utmost comfort when using the loupes.

The good thing about plastic and flimsy metal frames, aside from their cost and design, is their weight. So if you are considering to choose the lightest available loupes, you can expect that the dental loupes manufacturers or retailers will offer you these types of materials for the frame.

Look for the frames that offer not only high adjustability and stability but also comfort and balance like the titanium frames. They are a bit more expensive than the plastic and flimsy metal frames but they are actually more economical for long-term use. 


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