Advantages and disadvantages of overstocking dental supplies

You need the right type and volume of dental stocks for your dental office to run smoothly. In order to make sure that you have enough inventory and you don't run out of important dental supplies, you normally overstock. While this can seem to be a great decision at first look, if you try to look further, you will realize that this is actually not a good idea. Here are some reasons why:

Overstocking can cost you thousands

Of course, you will be spending thousands of dollars on purchasing your dental supplies. But overstocking supplies can lead to bulks of waste which can be really costly. The tendency is that you may fail to notice or keep track of the shelf-lives of all your dated materials unless otherwise, you have a really effective inventory system.

Overstocking can consume a large amount of space in your dental office

Another disadvantage of overstocking is that it consumes a large amount of space in your stock room or dental office. Crowded space can add stress to you which can, in turn, affect your performance. It can as well affect the overall feel of your dental office, hinder proper air circulation and block the light making the office look and feel uncomfortable and less conducive to working.

Dental Office

Unless you use a high quality dental headlight and magnification optical aid like the Schultz dental loupes that can help you see the operating site more clearly and in crisp detail, it will be hard for you to work with such an unorganized dental office.

Overstocking can cause clutters

One of the worst things that may happen when you stock too much inventory is getting your dental supplies out of order. Generally, dentists don't use code bar system for their inventories. Unless you are systematic and organized with your inventory, you will likely lose in the clutter. Not only will this give you a headache, clutters can as well make it hard for you to find or locate those supplies that you needed for certain dental operations.

The good sides of overstocking

Overstocking also has its good sides, though. Buying dental supplies in bulk quantities can help you get good deals and discounts. It can also help you save a few dollars on the shipping cost. Having enough inventory also make sure that you have adequate supplies for your dental office to run efficiently and smoothly.

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It also helps reduce the frequency and need for ordering and receiving supplies which means fewer disruptions to your regular workflow. This allows you to concentrate more on your day to day operation.

The importance of proper inventory control and management is often overlooked. Many dental professionals only address inventory control issues when they start to notably drain the cash flow. In order for you to utilize all supplies in your stock room without problems, you need to assign someone from your team to take charge of the inventory and to monitor your stock on a regular basis. A systematic, efficient, and effective inventory control and management strategy is also important. 


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