15% off Easter Sale: Fun things you can do for your dental office Easter celebration

We have a long weekend ahead. And what's more exciting is the fact that we are again celebrating the Easter Sunday. Apart from its religious significance, Easter has become one of the most special events for us not only because it gives us the opportunity to see our friends and families from distant lands, but it is also the best time to share a part to us for both our patients and dental team.

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And who says Easter celebrations are only for kids? Well, kids and kids at heart can all enjoy the Easter Sunday. And if you are planning to share the love and joy you have in your heart to your beloved patients and dental team, we have here some ideas that you can use for a small celebration in your dental office.

Pack some sweet goodies

While this seems like a "playschool" type of idea, packing some sweet goodies for your patients and even for your teammates can make them feel the Easter spirit. You can pack some colorful hard-boiled eggs, chocolates, cookies, and other freshly baked sweet treats. Sound ironic? Well, a bit yes. But, it is nice to loosen up sometimes, try to be less strict with your teeth, and give your sweet tooth some goodies. Afterall, Easter only happens once a year.


Go Easter egg hunting

Easter egg hunting is really fun. I bet many of us have been enjoying this activity since we were a child. Why not initiate an Easter egg hunting activities at your office? You can hide those pretty colored eggs anywhere in the dental office and have your team search for them.

Easter egg hunting has evolved through the years. There are now different variations you can choose from. You can go with the traditional game mechanics, used painted real eggs or plastic ones, or be more creative and give your Easter egg hunting game some tweaks and tricks.

Be generous

To make your small Easter office games more exciting, be creative and generous with your prizes. How about giving away some valuable items that they can use at work like Schultz loupes or dental headlights perhaps?

There are a lot of dental products on sale this holiday season and you will surely be able to find something useful and valuable that you can give to your team. For instance, here at Schultz, we offer 15% discount on our Easter Sales. You can enjoy 15% off on all our products including dental loupes and headlights. Just don't forget to use the promo code EGG15 to get your 15% discount.

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Some other gift and prize ideas apart from dental tools are potted plants, shower gels and lotion, stuffed bunnies or other cute animals, baked goods and other sweet treats, and plastic eggs filled with some fun items. Other out of the box prize ideas are coupons and work-related freebies like an additional hour off for lunch or perhaps an extra day off with pay.  


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