A Guide To Shopping Dental Headlight

There are dental problems that are not directly visible to the eye when viewed without proper illumination and magnification. In order to clearly see every part of the area you are working on and to come up with the most accurate diagnosis, you will need to use dental tools and devices such as the dental headlight and the surgical loupes. But, with the number of dental headlight manufacturers offering various types of illumination systems today, finding the right one that would best suit your needs and preferences can be a bit challenging. This dental headlight user guide will help make your shopping a bit easier and quicker.

LED head light for dentists usually comes in various styles and designs. However, the most common styles available today are the 70,000 lux EverBright LED Headlight and the super light Feather LED Headlight.

Everbright LED Headlight

Usually, LED headlights with higher lux are heavier than those with lower lux. Sometimes, choosing higher lux headlights also mean dealing with more weight. Although LED headlights with higher can help you when it comes to getting the right amount of illumination you need, thinking about the weight you need to bear when using it can make you hesitant about buying one.

The Everbright LED Headlight is the best choice for those dentists who need more power. It only weighs less than 20 grams but is capable of cracking out super bright 70,000 LUX light beam. It has a battery system that can last for around 9 hours. It would only take as long as 3 hours to recharge the battery. This portable LED headlight can be mounted to the frame of the dental loupes and can be used whenever you need it.

Feather Dental LED Headlight

The Dental LED Headlight Feather Series is perfect for those who are looking for a lightweight dental light and for those who are already tired of using their old heavy headlight. It is by far the smallest and the lightest dental headlight available in the market today. It only weighs 5 grams and measures 1 inch long and around half an inch wide. This super light headlight provides a pure white light and a brightness of 50,000 LUX. Its battery system can last for up to 11 hours. You can use it together with a headband or with your prescription glasses. You can also easily mount it to any brand and design of surgical or dental loupes.

Why use a dental light with lighter weight?

The weight of the headlight has something to do with comfortability and ease of use. While using a heavy headlight for a few seconds seems to be just alright, using it all day long can be troublesome. The longer you use it, the heavier it gets. Heavy dental LED headlights can cause stress on the bridge of your nose as well as pain in your neck and head. To make sure you are comfortable while performing dental tasks, use a headlight that weighs less. 


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