The Latest In Dentist Loupes Technology

No matter what industry you are in, you will still need to take advantage of the benefits that modern technology provides in order for you to achieve your full potential and for you to fairly get ahead of your competitors. This is also true in the field of dentistry. One of the latest updates in dental technology is the discovery and creation of portable dentist loupes.

What are dentist loupes?

Have you seen a dentist wearing eye glasses that looks really funny and weird? This is what they call the dentist magnification loupes. The surgical or dentist loupes are magnification optical devices that aid dental practitioners in practicing dentistry by enhancing visual acuity and ergonomic. Just like the traditional dental microscope, the magnification loupe also magnifies everything that you can see within your field of view to make it easier for you to see every detail of the oral cavity including the teeth, surrounding tissues, and gums.

Working without the dentist loupe

When I was just starting with my dental career, I did not use any magnification optical aid. I was just using my bare eyes when performing dental tasks like cleaning, tooth extraction, and routine checkups. It was like an old school type of dental practice. As years passed by, I started to feel uncomfortable working with just my bare eyes. It took a few years before I realized that my posture and eyesight are getting bad.

At first, I thought that having eye strain and muscular pains like lower and upper back pains, shoulder stress, neck fatigue, and headache were just normal in dentistry since we need to bend closer to the face of our patients in order to have a better access to the oral cavity. However, the pain I was feeling is getting worse day after day. My work performance and my productivity level also suffered a lot.

A friend who was working in a high-end private hospital as a resident dental professional once told me that a dental magnification aid can help me a lot. He was using a dental microscope and I thought it would be best to ask him how it had helped him. Although I learned from school that optical aids are really helpful, I believe it is more reliable to ask someone who has actually used it.

Experiencing the benefits of dentist magnifying loupes

Instead of talking about the dental microscope, my friend introduced the dentist loupes to me. Thinking about the benefits that this portable optical device might give me, I was encouraged to buy my own from a reputable dental loupes manufacturer. I got a pair of through the lens or TTL dentist magnification loupes that are specially customized to fit my needs, comfort, and preferences.

I have been using my TTL magnifying loupe for a couple of years now and I can say that it helped me a lot in many ways. It did not only help me get rid of eye strain and muscle pains, it likewise gives me enough room for improvement. My productivity level, work performance, and my efficiency as a dental care service provider have improved a lot. Not to mention, my patients are more satisfied now than ever. In fact, I am getting really busy entertaining my patients since I got my dentist loupes because of the recommendation I got from my past patients.


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