A Guide to Maintain Dental Equipment in 2021

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In today’s era, it is essential to upgrade yourself with new equipment having the latest features and modifications with modern technology. If we talk about dental tools, one needs to maintain quality and hygiene as well. All the tools have various functions to perform.

As you know, dental loupes are the most effective for a dentist to enhance the ability and vision that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Once you get familiar with the loupes, it is essential to take care of them and see that no scratches occur. So, if you're a professional or a dentist looking for the perfect tip on cleaning the equipment, then this article covers all the details about it. 

About maintaining dental tools

All the tools hold a premium value when it comes to the equipment in dentistry. Performing regular cleaning and maintenance helps the tools run smoothly and freely by minimizing the risk of poor functioning or damage. Let’s see all the points that will allow you to have an exact idea about each equipment maintenance in detail. 

Maintaining the equipment must be the primary concern for every professional or dentist. This is important as it improves the life span with intact performance. However, the maintenance can be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, depending upon the use of the equipment. 

Tools like dental loupes, dental loupes light, dental handpiece, and dental photography are used daily. So, it is essential to clean it up every day. 

Cleaning the tools daily

Nowadays, for better treatment, the use of accessories has been increased rapidly. You can go after the dental tool maintenance kit. Moreover, one can follow the given instructions to keep their tools working for a long time. 

  • Lubricate and sterilize your handpiece.

  • Spread water through the handpiece and loupes and wipe it with a clean cloth. Remember to use a neat, cotton cloth. 

  • Once you are done with the patient, disinfect each operatory equipment.

  • For the operatory HVE and saliva ejector tubing, run section cleaner for neat cleaning at the end of the day and replace it if necessary. 

  • Drain and wipe out ultrasonic cleaners and clean out delivery unit traps. 

  • One should lubricate contra-angles, prophy angles, and nose cones between the patients. 

  • Run a vacuum test first in the morning when the sterilizer is cool. 

  • After the vacuum test, run Process Challenge Device (PCD). 

  • Cleaning dental loupes and headlights each day is crucial for the better observation of the patient's mouth. 

  • See that all the tools, including X-rays, sterilizers, power scalers, air polishers, film processors, master water switch, air, and vacuum processor are turned off at the end of the day. 

Now, heading to the points that show cleaning some of the accessories at least once a week is essential. 

Weekly dental tool maintenance

There is specific equipment that you do not need to clean daily but have to change it after one week. Doing so will keep your workplace and the tools hygienic and free from germs. 

  • Change the traps of the delivery unit if required. 

  • Check the O-rings and gaskets on the handpiece couplers and change them every week.

  • A biological spore test is performed every week in each sterilizer. 

  • Clean model trimming units.

  • To ensure the correct operating of the nitrous system and emergency oxygen units, check it every week. 

  • Clean all the significant areas and see for the safety hazards in your workplace. 

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Monthly basis equipment maintenance

Cleaning of suction equipment becomes mandatory at the end of every month. 

  • Check, clean, and replace the plaster and master trap.

  • Clean model trimmer, panoramic cassettes, and intensifying screen. 

  • Keep an eye on all the patient monitoring equipment. See to it from the patient's perspective. Check the working and easy moving of the chair and headlight. Does the light give enough brightness? If not, then change the bulb.  

  • For deterioration, check the rubber goods on the oxygen units and nitrous-oxide system. 

Maintaining equipment on an annual basis

If you maintain all the dental equipment daily, there are very few chances for any of them to be changed or cleaned annually. But, some of them need to be replaced as they do not have more life span. 

  • Change the seal of cassettes and sterilize door gaskets.

  • Book performance sterilizer test every 12 months. It is required to know the ability and working mode of the tools. 

  • Get the service of dental chairs and their movement to make it easy for the professional to move it gradually. 

  • Have a check by a qualified operator regarding fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and emergency lighting systems. 

  • To ensure the operating standards of tools, booking X-ray equipment compliance tests is essential. 

Other than all these points, check and limit infection-causing materials and replace the containers whenever required. 

Thus, it is advised to have a maintenance kit for the small operating tools and follow the above points to maintain all the equipment properly.


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