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Whether you are trying to pick out a new piece of dental loupes or thinking about exchanging the existing ones, there is no better option than Loupedirect. At Loupedirect, you get a variety of dental loupes, in two types, namely the TTL loupes and the flip-up loupes.

We understand it can be daunting to pick out the right kind of loupes that suits your work, your comfort, and helps you keep up with an ergonomic posture. The factors to consider before purchasing the right pair of loupes should at all stages include the most visible and functional ones. Visible factors include deciding upon the type of frames, the color of the frames, whether you need a nose pad, a headband, or the like.

On the contrary, the functional factors include the magnification power, the depth of field, the field of view, and the angle of declination. Both the functional and the visible factors of selecting the right kind of dental loupes play a critical part in helping the user maintain his ergonomic posture. Although the e-commerce market is filled with manufacturers and retailers claiming their products to be ergonomically correct, however, it has been observed that such claims are misleading and make or more bad than good.

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Burst The Myth And Choose The Right One

There is no such thing called “one size fits all” when it comes to dental loupes. Every person has a unique inter-pupillary distance, nose bridge, and frame length. Dentist loupes cannot be assumed to be a one size fits all solution.

As buyers, we may come across several products claiming to be suitable for anybody and everybody. But if your vision is precious, make sure you check out all the details with regards to the design, quality, and other functional factors that play a critical role in helping you maintain your occupational standard.

At Loupedirect, we have clinicians who ensure safe vision products, and an ergonomic balance for the user. We also have dentist loupes with headlights, both on the flip-up and TTL loupes. Below are some of the factors to consider why Loupedirect is the best place for your purchase.

Flip-Up Loupes

The flip-up loupes are one of the most sought-after types when it comes to picking out a good dental loupe. The design uses a hinge mechanism, where the optics are attached allowing them to be flipped up when talking to patients. Similarly, the optics can be adjusted back to the position when viewing a sample or inspecting the interiors of the mouth.

The best part about flip-up loupes is their affordability. They are an excellent option, at an affordable price that does not require individual customization. However, when you are on the path to purchase your flip-up loupes, it's best to have the “try on” option and make sure your pupils are aligned with the optics of the loupes.

At Loupedirect, the flip-up loupes are designed with medical-grade optics and HD vision. The angle of declination stands at 90°, and all of these products are ANSI Z87 certified. You will also get prescription inserts available along with a lifetime warranty.

The fusion flip-up loupes have the added advantage of being fully customizable. They have individually adjustable telescopes with high-definition optics and are light. Users can wear them throughout work hours without even feeling exhausted.

TTL Loupes

These are another most preferred option amongst clinicians and opticians, primarily because they are lighter than the flip-up loupes. However, equivalent in performance, flip-up loupes weigh slightly higher than the TTL.

It is due to the hinge mechanism in the TT L loupes. The optical barrels do not protrude out, and therefore, users do not have to re-balance the optics that additionally negates any instance of affecting the neck muscles. The TTL loupes are also known as front-mounted loupes or FLM because the front optical barrels are mounted into the lens frame. They can be customized based on the pupillary distance of the user. They offer the steepest angle of declination possible, to keep up the ergonomic posture with no possible adjustments necessary.

At Loupedirect, the TTL loupes are the Lightest in the market available. Our dental loupes are 50% lighter than the standard ones with an extra field of depth, high definition clarity, and a standard viewing field. It is one of the most preferred options amongst dentists and hygienists, a few of them with a lifetime warranty.

TTL loupes are a great option for those who would like to have it custom-made and are aware of their optimum declination angle and would like to keep up with the same measurement. Users who have a high nose bridge can also go for customization because, in most cases, the distance between eyes and eyeglasses is long and therefore the loupes may reduce the field size.

Why Loupedirect?

Our products are certified by ANSI and we offer unique frames with requested customization options. We offer different types of frames, namely sports frames, titanium frames, bendable titanium frames, and extra-large titanium frames. The glasses are considered to be one of the best protective eyewear in the market.

We keep improving and innovating and intend to offer high-quality products to our customers. Our products help clinicians work safely under any working conditions. Both flip-up and TTL loupes have been designed with key technologies and can be matched to fit any facial features with the correct measurements.

Hurry up, visit Loupedirect today.


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