20 Fantastic Dental Marketing Ideas You Should Try Before The Year Ends

It is no secret, not all dental practices are good oral health care providers. If all dental practices are equally good, then there is no reason why people should constantly look for a new dentist every time they need one.

Finding a good dentist is as hard as getting new patients and bringing them into your dental practice. With all the dental horror stories people tell and hear about their past dentists, it is not anymore surprising to know that there are many people who feel a bit apprehensive when it comes to trying out a new dental practice. This makes it more challenging for you to get the attention and interest of your potential patients.  Not to mention, the stiff competition between different practices in your locality. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to overcome these challenges.

Dental Marketing

You want to be found by your potential patients, right? If so, then stop sitting in just one corner and try to be more bold and adventurous instead. If you want to attract more new patients before the year ends, consider these fantastic dental marketing ideas.

          1.  Ask your new and old patients to leave some good reviews on your official dental website or social media page.
          2.  Get listed on various local directories and citation sites like Yelp.
          3.  Consider using the most popular electronic medical record software like ZocDoc.
          4.  Send postcards to prospective patients.
          5.  Create an email marketing program.
          6.  Try Vlogging on YouTube and create videos related to dental health or perhaps post videos that answer the most common questions patients ask.
          7.  Create and post video testimonials to market your dental practice.
          8.  Develop an app for your practice or anything related to your field.
          9.  Keep your Facebook page updated, interesting, informative, and engaging.
          10.  Consider advertising on various platforms including Google, Google Maps, Facebook Messaging Ad Type, Facebook Ads, Video Ads on YouTube, waze Ads, Click to Call Ads, and Mobile Call-Only Ads.
          11.  Offer different financing options and discount membership plans.
          12.  Remarket your audience with the use of your email list.
          13.  Initiate a contest on your website or on social media.
          14.  Create and promote informative and engaging infographics.
          15.  Send appointments reminders.
          16.  Update your facility and post photos of your new instruments (e.g. dental loupes, and headlights) on your social media page.
          17.  Give back to the community and participate in local events.
          18.  Get featured on your local papers and magazines.
          19.  Create some irresistible referral bonus packages.
          20.  Don't just rely on Facebook, also use Twitter and Instagram to share valuable dental health care tips as well as to inform your patients about your latest success, updates, and events.

So, that's it- the top 20 dental marketing ideas you should try this year!


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