6 Tips On Creating A Successful In-House Savings Plan Every Dental Practice Should Try

The concept of in-house membership program or savings plan has been around for decades now but unfortunately, there are still a lot of dental practices who still don't know how to create a successful in-house savings plan. There are many practices that have created an attractive plan that really works at first but after a few months or years, the plan eventually failed.

Whether you have tried and failed to make your own in-house membership program or you are planning to create one, we've got you covered. We have here some handy tips that will not only help you make a successful in-house membership program but will likewise help you grow your practice.

1. Avoid the primary mistakes

We have already discussed in our previous post (Mistakes Practices With Failed In-House Discount Plan or Membership Program Committed) the primary mistakes that you should avoid when creating and running an in-house discount plan or membership program. These mistakes include not doing thorough research, insufficient team training, limiting marketing scope, taking fee balancing out of the equation, and failure to have an attorney to review your program. It is essential to keep these common mistakes in mind if you want your membership plan to work and grow.

2. Don't complicate things

The problem with most of the unsuccessful discount programs is the complicated plan process. Be mindful that the process of dental insurance is already complicated. Why not make things easier for both your practice and your patients by making your membership plan process simpler?

3. Get everyone involved

You have got a great membership discount program but unfortunately, your dental team only knows about it. How about the other members of your dental office? If you don't want your program to fail, make sure to get everyone in your dental office involved. No matter what project or program you want to implement, you will need to get everyone in your office on board. Provide necessary training if possible.

4. Offer renewal program

Streamline your membership discount program by offering an automated renewal system.

5. Don't forget the patient agreement contract

If your state requires a patient agreement contract for dental membership discount programs, you don't have any choice but to follow the state regulation. But if your state doesn't require such agreement, we still recommend that you create one. Why? Well, it's the best way to protect your practice and your patients.

6. Keep your program automated

Running a dental membership discount program can create added workload and burden to your administrative staff. They already have much on their plate to take in, so it helps if you don't add more by keeping your program automated.

Most of the dental practices with failed membership program run it manually. Running your membership program manually will not only add more workload to your staff, it will as well eat up much of your practice's time.


You can find a lot of tools and software that can help you manage your membership program and automate payments in a simpler, more convenient, more accurate, and less time-consuming way. Boost your revenue by keeping your membership program automated from the very beginning.

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