Why Schultz Dental Headlights Is The Best Choice For Hygienists?

One of the most popular illumination systems today used not only by dentists, surgeons, and other medical professionals but also by many hygienists around the globe is the dental headlight. This portable and energy efficient light system can help you carry out any dental task more comfortably and conveniently without the hassle of manually adjusting the angle and direction of the light every now and then. Of all the available light source systems in the market today, let us take a look at why our dental headlights are considered the best choice.

True white color delivers ultra brightness

Unlike most of the LED headlights in the market today, all of our dental lights produce an ultra bright true white color illumination that ensembles that of the natural daylight. This allows you to see the real tone of the teeth and the surrounding tissues without any color distortion.

Superior light uniformity without any shadow

Our portable dental headlights also offer superior light uniformity without any shadow. The illumination they produce does not change. Most of the light systems in the market produce a light quality that is brighter on the central part but gradually fades on the edges. Light uniformity helps you see the oral cavity more clearly and easily without straining your eyes.

Our headlight's shadow free system also makes it more convenient for you to work. You can perform any dental procedure without worrying about re-positioning the light just to avoid the shadow. This gives you more freedom of movement and allows you to work more quickly and precisely without any disturbances.

Portable and resilient

Our dental LED headlights are very resilient and portable. You can move from one station to another without removing your headlight and without adjusting its position or angle. If you are looking for a resilient light system that you can use together with your loupes, our LED dental headlights are the perfect solution for that. You can mount them into the frame of your dental loupes, and you can also attach them directly to your safety glasses or headband.

Very light

dental headlights

At only 0.15 oz, our dental headlights are by far the most portable and the lightest in the market today. Working with the lightest dental loupe light makes it possible for you to work all day long without experiencing neck fatigue and nose bridge stress at the end of the day.

Lithium polymer technology

Our LED headlights are all powered by lithium polymer technology. You can use them up to 17 hours in one charging time.

The problem with most of the dental headlights in the market today is the weight and the quality of illumination they produce. Not all dental LED headlights offer the same quality of illumination. We understand how important it is for you to find the lighting system that produces the best quality illumination. And we kept this fact in mind while making the design of our dental headlights.


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