What's New In Dentistry?

For many of us, visiting a dental clinic is something that we fear not only because of the fact that seeing a dentist is expensive but also because of the painful and long dental procedures. We think that a dental clinic is nothing far from being a place of misery most especially when it comes to tooth extraction and filling cavities. But thanks to the continuous developments in dental technology and the multitude of modern advancements in the industry. Visiting the dental clinic is now a pleasurable experience. Today, people see dentistry as the best and the most logical solution to prevent further oral problems. 

So, what are these modern advancements and dental technology developments that we are talking about? Let us take a look at some of them below.

No more heavy and unsightly metal

You can now bid goodbye to the heavy and unsightly metal fillings as they are now considered a thing of the past. Regardless of either it is a gold or silver colored filling, it can still spoil the beauty of your smile. 

Many dental practitioners in this modern era prefer to use white fillings, tooth-colored parcels, and aesthetic porcelain crowns over the traditional metal ones. Not only that they are absolutely metal-free, they are as well way more aesthetic than the metal fillings.

More secure patient files

Manual filing of patient's documents is no longer being practiced in many dental clinics in the United States today. Organizing and maintaining patient files and keeping them confidential and more secured have been made possible with the development of the electronic medical records or EMR softwares. 

This type of software does not only make it easier for the dentists to manage the files of their patient, it likewise gives them the opportunity to have a quick access to the information where ever they are. Mostly, EMR softwares or applications can be accessed through various devices like laptop, PCs, iPads, smartphones, and smartwatches.

Film x-rays are gone

Advanced dental offices of today do not anymore depend on traditional film x-rays. They are now using digital imaging which is far more accurate and clear, allowing the dental professional to identify problems more precisely and quickly.

Magnification gets more portable

Have you noticed some dentists wearing something weird on their head as if they are part of a sci-fi movie? Well, it is absolutely not a 3D eyeglass, but a portable optical magnification device called dental loupes. The optical dental loupes are the portable version of the tradition and bulky dental operating microscope. 

Many of us, especially the children, feel afraid whenever the dentist pull out and use his bulky magnification device. It gives us the feeling that we are going to undergo a sort of painful surgical operation. Thanks to the development of dental loupes technology, this fear has been eliminated. Not only that, dental magnification loupes now serve as an extension to the abilities and skills of the dentists, allowing them to see the oral cavity, identify and detect even the smallest problem on your teeth, and provide a better quality dental care treatment and services. 


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