Two Types Of Ergonomic Products Every Surgeon Should Use

Physical and health risks have always been concomitant to surgical practice. As a surgeon working long hours inside the operating room, sometimes you can't avoid feeling physically strained after the operation. While simple musculoskeletal pains can easily go away with over the counter pain relievers, if left unaddressed these simple pains can eventually develop into something chronic and more serious in the long run.

Surgical Headlight

A few years ago, you can barely hear topics associated with the long-term negative impact of the surgical practice on the health of the surgeons being discussed on medical forums. Because of the lack of attention and reliable information, the number of surgeons suffering from chronic occupational pains has increased exponentially. But today, more and more medical professionals around the world are talking about and are becoming aware of these physical and health risks.

Reducing your physical and health risks

There are numerous products and innovations that are specifically designed to address this widespread issue. Two of the most popularly known and widely used surgical tools and devices today are the surgical headlight and the surgical loupes.

Surgical loupes

The surgical loupes are made not only to improve the operator's visual acuity and precision but also to correct posture problems during surgical operations. Normally when you are working on tiny objects and you need to focus on the small details of the operating region, you will have to bend a little more forward to achieve the focus you need. A single surgical operation can take a couple of hours to complete. This only means that you will need to stay in such unnatural and unhealthy position for extended periods of time until you are done with what you are doing in order to stay in focus. Needless to say, this can cause a myriad of physical and musculoskeletal issues.

Surgical Optical Loupes

With the use of surgical magnification loupes, the need for you to bend forward and to stay in such uncomfortable position for hours is eliminated, thus reducing your risks to any physical and musculoskeletal pains.

However, you can not just pick any surgical optical loupes anywhere and expect them to solve your posture problems right away. You need to pick the right surgical loupe that perfectly fits your unique needs and preferences. It is always better to pick the one that is not only lighter, prettier, trendy, and comfortable to wear but also ergonomically designed and totally customized only for you. The right fit will allow you to work comfortably in a more neutral working posture.

Surgical headlight

Why do I have to use a surgical headlight if there is already huge overhead lights in the operating room? You may ask. A quick answer to this question is that surgical LED headlights produce the right quantity, quality, and consistency of shadow-free light needed for every delicate surgical procedure. This is something that you can't achieve only by lighting up the operating lights.

Buying a surgical headlight and loupes is not an added expense to your practice even though they are quite costly but a good investment for your health and career longevity.


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