Top 3 questions dental hygienists ask before buying Schultz loupes

Deciding whether to buy or not to buy dental loupes was not easy. If you are one of the dental hygienists who is contemplating on purchasing a new pair of Schultz loupes, you might also some questions in mind that you want to be answered. Here are some of the common questions dental hygienists ask together with their corresponding answer.

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The use of magnification optical device like the Schultz loupes was not that popular a few decades ago. Most dentists and dental hygienists only rely on what their bare eyes can see when performing various dental procedures. Even patients were likewise not used to seeing their dentist wearing a peculiar pair of eyewear.  

It was eight years ago when I started wearing loupes. Though many dentists were already using magnification instruments during that time, it wasn't an easy feat for me as a dental hygienist. It was not typical for a dentist to wear dental magnification loupes back then. More so for a dental hygienist like myself. The learning curve was very challenging. Not to mention how I was laughed at both by my fellow hygienists and my patients. But despite all these challenges, I never once felt repentant about purchasing and using my own pair of loupes.

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The loupes helped me a lot in improving not only my performance but also my health condition. I was suffering from severe and intermittent neck and back pain. But when I started wearing loupes, the pain also slowly went away.

Deciding whether to buy or not to buy dental loupes was not easy. Aside from the huge amount that I need to invest for the loupes, I was also disturbed by a lot of questions in my mind. I have listed some of the questions below, together with their corresponding answers.

I wear prescription that often changes, can I still use dental loupes?

The prescription can be added to the loupes. However, if you wear prescription that often changes, it is better to opt for a flip-up loupe. You can as the dental loupe manufacturer to add it to the ocular or the carrier lens. Other options include using a prescription insert or contact lens.

Can I use second-hand loupes?

By buying a pair of used, preloved, or second-hand loupes you can be able to save as much as half the price of a brand new one. However, remember that the loupe should perfectly fit you. Using an ill-fitted loupe can lead to postural issues, musculoskeletal problems, and eye strain.  

Can I share my loupes with my colleagues?

Dental optical loupes are quite expensive. Considering just how much we earn as a dental hygienist, not all of us can afford or willing to invest hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single pair. Having said that, I guess it is just normal for us to find ways to save money. You can buy one pair and share it with your colleagues. However, I strongly do not recommend this.

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Unless you want a subpar product, you can't share your own loupes with others. When it comes to loupes, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Most of the high quality dental magnifying loupes are made to fit the specific needs and requirements of the user. This means that if the loupes are specifically made for you, they may not fit your colleagues. Needless to say, the benefits that you enjoy out of using your loupes may not be the same as that of your colleagues.


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