Schultz 15% off Valentine's Day Sales| Valentine's Day gift ideas for dentists and dental hygienists

Love is in the air. Many people are now busy preparing for the heart's day. The hotel accommodations, restaurants, and cafes are all fully booked. Flowers, stuffed toys, and chocolates are almost sold out. We can see Valentine's Day sales here and there. We also have our 15% off Valentine's Day Sales. You just have to use the code VA15 when placing your order.

But Valentine's Day is more than just giving flowers, chocolates, and stuffed toys to your beloved partner. It is definitely not only for lovers but for families, friends, and colleagues as well. It's one of the best days of the year to express our love and appreciation not only for our better half but also to our parents, family, friends, and even colleagues. If you are looking for nice things to give to your colleagues this special day, we have here a few amazing gift ideas for dentists and dental hygienists.

Dental Loupe

Tooth mug

For dental professionals, the human teeth are their bread and butter. Your dental office can be full of images of the oral cavity and posters about the different ways to take care of the teeth but adding something useful can be great as well. If your dentist friend is a coffee junkie, you can give him or her a tooth mug.

Dental wrist watch or wall clock

Time is gold. As a dental professional with a hectic schedule and a day full of appointments, you can't afford to miss out anything. This is why you should always make sure that you keep track of time. And same goes with your colleagues. How about giving them a dental wall clock?

It's like just an ordinary wall clock but with a twist. Instead of the usual design, pick the one with a teeth or tooth design, images, or logo. Or perhaps pick the one that ensembles a tooth. It's fun and useful at the same time.

Your colleague will also appreciate a wrist watch gift. You can find a lot of wristwatches that are specially designed for dentists and hygienists.

Dental loupes and headlight

Is your dental hygienist still using his or her bare eyes when performing general dental tasks? Or is your favorite colleague still using his or her old pair of loupes? Well, how about giving them a new pair of Schultz loupes? They will surely appreciate your kindness and generosity. Plus, this simple act can likewise help improve the overall performance of your dental team.

Dental Gifts

Being able to see the oral cavity very clearly and closely will not only help you improve your precision but it can likewise make your work a little bit faster and easier. Not only that, giving your colleagues a pair of excellent quality loupes is a great way to tell them that you care about their wellness. Ergonomically designed dental magnification loupes are proven to promote healthier working posture.

Again, we are currently offering a 15% off Valentine's Day Sales. Just don't forget to enter the code VA15 when purchasing a new dental loupe and headlight to avail of the 15% discount.


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