Surgical Magnification Loupes: Comparing The Different Types Of Frames Part 2

Picking the right frames is as important as choosing the correct magnification. The frame will serve as a support of the optical lens and barrels. To ensure utmost comfort and functionality while at work or while using the surgical magnification loupes, you should choose the type of frame that offers both stability and durability. Today we will be going to name a few more types and designs of surgical magnification loupes.

Stainless Steel Frames

Stainless steel, an alloy of chromium and steel, is one of the most popular metals that is used in manufacturing eyeglasses. There are also some surgical loupes manufacturers that offer frames made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel loupes frames are getting popular nowadays because aside from being lightweight, they are as well hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to corrosion. The only drawback of this type of metal is it is not stain-proof.

Aluminum Frames

Another widely used material for manufacturing surgical optical loupes frames is aluminum. Aside from being lightweight, aluminum is highly durable and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum frames are soft yet strong. They can be able to provide the stability and adjustability required for high-quality surgical loupes frames.

Aluminum is the most widely used and the most abundant non-ferrous metal in the world. Aluminum frames are generally available in purple, gold, and silver colors. The downsides, though, of aluminum metal is that it has the tendency to bend and it is as well less durable as compared to titanium. 

Surgical Loupes Frames

Carbon Fiber Frames

Carbon fiber is among the high-technology materials used to manufacture high-quality surgical magnifying loupes frames. This material is consists of exceptionally thin fibers that are formed mainly of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are warped together in a crystal alignment to form an incredibly strong material.

Carbon fiber frames are highly flexible yet stable and flexible. They are known to be highly durable, strong, and lightweight. The only disadvantage of this type of loupe frame is that it can be pretty costly. In fact, more expensive than the other high-tech materials like titanium.

Headband Surgical Loupes

Headband loupes are famous among surgeons who are tired of using optical magnifying loupes with a frame that keeps falling down their nose. The optical barrels of the headband loupes, also known as a wrap around the head loupe, are mounted on the headband which is usually lightweight, highly durable, comfortable to wear, and elastic. 

Headband loupes

Most of the headband surgical loupes feature adjustable sliding mount and tension controls that help provide optimal positioning. If you need an optical magnification device that won't strain your face and nose even when used all day long, the headband loupe is the way to go.

Frames are supposed to be strong enough to provide stability and balance. It is also important to choose the frame that can easily be adjusted and the one that is functional and comfortable to wear. Regardless of the material used, it is wise to check with the manufacturer regarding the quality of the frames. Also, pick the frame that is specifically designed for surgical loupes.


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