Starting Your Career: Tips For Student Surgeons

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You finally made it through a lot of challenges, stiff learning curves, sleepless nights, brain blocking exams, years of burning midnight candles, and all those hardships a typical medical student experiences. And for that, we would like to congratulate you for making it this far and for being able to receive the fruit of your labor- your med diploma and your chance to become one of the honorable members of the elite group of surgeons.

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Unfortunately, graduating from med school is not the end yet, but the beginning of a more challenging and bigger world of reality. You surely have to wait for a few months before you can be able to obtain your license and to finally call yourself a certified surgeon.

So, while you are playing a bit of the waiting game, what should you do? Here are a few tips you can use to prepare yourself for the real world of medicine and surgery.

Take a few days or weeks off

You've been to a very tough fight at med school and now that you have ended your challenging student life, I guess you deserve to have a few days or weeks off. Take time to relax, unwind, do things you enjoy doing, and get connected to your families or friends.

Taking a short break can help you rejuvenate your senses and recharge.

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Preparing for your licensure exam

Preparing for the licensure exam typically includes taking reviews and studying two to three times harder than med school. While this can help you prepare your brain for the exam, it is important to remember not to cram your head and to focus merely on reviewing. Doing so will likely lead to a mental block or perhaps you might end up getting fatigued.

While studying and reviewing are critical for the written and clinical board exam, it is also equally important to take some time to enjoy and do some other things. Eat a good diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle, do exercise, attend church meetings, socialize with friends, and go out every now and then to de-stress. This way you can be able to avoid overstressing both your physical and mental well-being. It makes it easier to study without or with less stress.

Finding the right job

Finding the right job for you is not at all easy. There will be surely a lot of opportunities for you out there but there will also be many of you who will run after those opportunities. Start off by listing your prospect job while you are still in med school. Try to visit some potential private practice offices, hospitals, organizations, and institutions regardless of either they are hiring or not.

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Try working at two or three different types of medical offices first before finally settling down to where you want to work for the rest of your life. This way you can be able to gain different experiences, to improve yourself as a surgeon or clinician, and to know which type of work will better suit you.

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