Schultz Dentistry| Why should you buying or opening your own dental office?

Dentistry is such a rewarding career. There is no doubt about that. You get to help many people achieve that beautiful smile and maintain their oral health and at the same time earn a decent income. Once you graduated from dental school, you have quite a handful of career options to pursue and you definitely have the liberty to choose which path to choose.

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However, thinking about the shortage of dental practices in the United States today, buying an existing or starting a new dental practice would seem to be more viable.

3 Main advantages of starting your own dental practice

A few weeks ago, we have discussed the different benefits you can enjoy when you buy an existing practice. You can as well enjoy some of these benefits when you start your own dental practice from scratch, although the later is quite more risky than the previous. The benefits that these two options offer are:

                --  More freedom- There is nothing more rewarding than being your own boss. Working without anyone telling you what to do, how to do things, and when to do them gives you more freedom to explore more opportunities and to be more productive and creative. You also have the freedom to choose your own dental facilities, equipment, tools, and instruments (e.g dental loupes, chair, operating stool, and dental headlight).

                --  Control over your practice- In a private dental practice, there is no other person or people who will control your practice but you. Being the boss of your own dental practice gives you the chance to work according to your own pace, set your own goals, and decide for the better of you practice.

                --  Better and flexible earning - Although this is quite subjective, running your own dental practice gives you the opportunity to earn a bigger income than those working as an associate or those taking the other dental career paths.

Apart from these top three benefits, running your own dental practice also gives you the chance to take part of the current dental crisis in the U.S.

Demand for dental practice services in the United States continues to grow exponentially. A report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that many Americans suffer from tooth decay and many Americans aged 65 and above have lost most, or if not, all of their teeth. This can be attributed to the high cost of dental care services as well as to the lack of dental health care facilities most especially in remote areas.

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According to a related report from the Health Policy Institute (HPI), the number of adults who are considered as low-income earners who visited a dental practice has declined. However, a significant increase in dental care coverage rate by the employers to their employees was also seen. The employees' dental expenses are being subsidized by their employer which can definitely give a big boost to the need for dental services in the country.


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