Schultz Dentistry: Why Schultz dental loupes are enough for better visual acuity?

The continuous advancements in technology have undeniably made a big impact in our society today. New technological products make our lives a lot more convenient and easier in different ways. For instance, communication is made faster and more convenient with the help of mobile phones. Unlike the snail mail days, we no longer have to wait for months for us to receive a response letter or to know how your loved ones in the other part the world are doing. In just a few clicks of the mouse or a few tap on your mobile phone, you can now be able to communicate with your friends, family, and loved ones.

The dental and medical industry has also benefited a lot from these advancements in technology. Every now and then you can see new innovations in dental and medical devices, tools, and equipment being introduced in the market. The ways and techniques of treating different illnesses have also greatly advanced. One of the latest innovations in Schultz dentistry that dentists, hygienists, and other dental professionals are using right now is the LED dental headlight.

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Why is operatory light important in dentistry?

The answer to this common yet significant question is quite obvious.

It is not a secret that the oral cavity or the mouth is such a secluded and dark field. No matter how big you open your mouth to allow external natural light to come in, it is still not enough to let the dentist see the field more clearly. As a dental professional, you are trained and certified to provide oral health care to your patients. However, no matter how skillful, experienced, and knowledgeable you are, you can't be able to provide the best quality care if your visual acuity is restricted because of the lack of illumination.

In order for you to provide better treatment for your patients, you need to use an external light source that will enable you to see the oral cavity more clearly. Needless to say, the operatory light is crucial for every dental procedure that you do.

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Dental loupes are not enough

"I am using a good pair of Schultz dental loupes when performing dental treatment procedures, and my dental clinic or work area is also well lit, do I still need an operatory light?"

Does this question seem familiar to you? I guess it is since this is one of the most common questions often asked not only by dental students but also by practicing dentists and hygienists.

Truly, dental magnification loupes enhance your visual acuity, allowing you to see the operating field closely and clearly within your working distance. However, just using the right pair of dental optical loupes is not enough for you to have a better access to the secluded and dark field of the oral cavity.

The treatment field needs to receive the right amount, quality, and stability of light which the dental LED headlight can provide. With this high tech operatory light source, you can be able to see every corner of the oral cavity in crisp detail and in perfect precision without color distortion. Thus, allowing you to provide higher quality dental care, and more appropriate treatment plan. 


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