Primary Features Of Schultz Surgical Headlights That Surgeons Like

There is nothing constant in this world other than change. Some changes have brought on negative effects while most have offered beneficial results. Every day we see new innovations and modern inventions emerge in the market. Wherever you go, you cannot just cast out the idea that technology bridges our lives to a comfortable living. But the advancements in technology do not only offer convenience to people in general but also to medical and dental professionals. One of these innovations is the surgical headlight technology.

There are almost countless LED surgical headlight products on the market today. However, not all of these products offer the convenience and quality that any surgeon would want in their headlight. We at Schultz put the needs of the end users on top of our priorities when designing and creating our own surgical illumination systems. This sets us apart from the rest of the surgical headlights manufacturers in the industry. Here are a few points why we consider our own portable surgical headlights the best choice for surgeons.

LED surgical headlight

Very lightweight

The weight of the illumination system, no matter how light it is, can build up over time when you use it continuously for an hour or more. The more weight the headlight has, the more it gets heavier over time. This can add stress to the operator's nose bridge and neck, which can result in neck pain and headache at the end of the surgical operation.

We understand how weight can affect the comfort and focus of the operator when performing surgical operations. That is why we designed our illumination source with merely 0.15 oz total weight. This makes Schultz headlights the lightest and the most portable in the market today.

Superior light uniformity

A high-quality surgical headlight has to produce uniform light from the central part to the edges. The problem with most of the headlights produced by other manufacturers is that they do not offer light uniformity. Our surgical headlights, on the contrary, are designed with superior light uniformity. Our illumination systems have a brightness that does not fade on the edges. This makes it possible for you to see the operating region more easily and clearly without straining your eyes.

Surgical Headlights

Shadow-free system

All our portable surgical headlights are crafted with the shadow-free system. This allows you to work more conveniently and quickly as well as to move more freely without the need to continually reposition the light and without any shadow disturbances.

Ultra bright white color illumination

Most of the surgical LED headlights that you can find on the market today delivers either bluish or yellowish light. If you use a surgical headlight that produces such illumination colors when performing surgical procedures, you will find it a bit challenging to focus on what you are doing especially in tissue color identification.

Our surgical LED headlights produce an ultra bright white color illumination that ensembles that of the natural daylight. With the natural daylight illumination, you can be able to see the operating spot without any color distortion.


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