Major Benefits Of Surgical Loupes

The surgical loupes are among the most important tools used by dentists. The dental loupes are magnification devices that dentists wear as a sort of eyeglasses in order to have a better vision of their work area. Some better versions of loupes can be wrapped around the forehead. They also help enhance surgical precision when doing dental surgeries.

 Dental surgery

Aside from the fact that they provide a better vision of the work area, dental loupes also offer other benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Improved performance

Because you can see more clearly, you can be able to offer your patients' with an improved performance. Wearing surgical loupes while doing dental procedures enhances your precision and accuracy. It can help you to easily and quickly identify any dental problems and to come up with a more accurate cure and solution for the problem. It also contributes a lot to the success and completion of any dental surgeries most especially if you dealing with very tiny objects or parts of the teeth.

Better Ergonomics

The surgical loupes can also help enhance your ergonomic posture. Maintaining a good posture while doing dental procedures does not only make you feel comfortable, it also helps you have a longer career. Not only that, improved ergonomic posture also help you get rid of occupational strain which can lead to "dental hunch" and other health problems in the long run.

Better Ergonomics

When using loupes, you no longer have to lean closer towards the patient's mouth and to hold unnatural positions for an extended period of time to see the teeth clearly. Thus, your risk of getting back pain, shoulder stress, and neck fatigue is greatly reduced.

Reduced Eyestrain

Focusing your sight at one area and struggling to see clearly and closely for longer periods of time can lead to eyestrain and headache. With surgical loupes, you do not have to try harder to see the teeth clearly. With proper magnification, you can be able to see every part of the teeth even if you do not lean closer to the mouth of your patient. Most often, loupes are available with LED headlights. Having proper illumination is very important in dentistry as it can help you see better and it likewise helps reduce eye fatigue.

Proper magnification

The surgeon loupes magnify the things that you can see when you look through them. Needless to say, they produce an image that is larger than its normal size when viewed with the naked eye. The magnification level vary. Each loupe is made with different levels of magnification which ranges from 2x to 8x. The larger the magnification level, the more focused the produced image is. Larger magnification levels allow you to evaluate and review even the smallest details of the teeth as well as the soft tissues that need visual acuity.

Surgical Loupe

When shopping for surgical loupes, you can choose what magnification factor they will choose. However, for those who are first-time surgical loupes users and for those using them for typical dentistry tasks, the best magnification factor to pick is 2.5x.


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