How to Find the Right Dental & Surgical Loupes?

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Loupe is an essential tool for a dentist or physician to see more clearly while examining their patients. It helps them to determine or diagnose the issues inside the patient’s mouth or body part.

Selecting a right pair of dental or surgical loupes is no monumental challenge, instead, it is a relatively easy concept to understand. There are a few factors you should consider while finding the right dental or surgical loupe.. We are here to make it easier for you and resolve your confusion about the selection process of dental or surgical loupes.

Read on to understand the factors to consider while buying the right pair of dental or surgical loupes.

  1. Magnification

    The size of the object you are looking it depends on the magnification of the pair of loupes. The level of magnification is a subjective matter which may vary depending on the person's vision requirement. However, knowing that a higher magnification amount can result in a larger image but it can also reduce the depth of field and field of view. It is common to find 2.5x - 3.5x magnification on loupes used in dentistry.

  2. Working Distance

    Measuring your working distance can be of great help. Working distance is basically the space between the work area and the eyes. The knowledge of working distance helps you with the selection of the right pair of loupes. It is also important to measure the working distance in the actual setting you will be using the loupes in.

    Measure working distance maintaining the right body posture, keep your back straight, head slightly dipped as if you are viewing the specific area, and have your feet flat on the floor. With everything in place, simply measure from the bridge of your nose to the specific area you will be working on using the measuring tape. More often than not, in many clinical applications, the working distance is measured too short which leads to the unnecessary neck strain. 

  3. Depth of field

    Once you have measured the working distance, move on to the understanding of the depth field. It is necessary to understand how the depth of field works. The visible range in focus offered by the loupe is the depth of the field. So when a pair of loupes has a working distance of 18 inches and a depth of 5.5 inches. It means that those pairs of loupes will stay in focus at a distance of 15.25 inches to 20.75 inches or 2.75 inches on both sides of the working distance range.

  4. Field of View

    The field of view has seemed to be the most puzzling aspect of the process of dental or surgical loupe selection. Let's find out practically that what exactly is the field of view? When you are looking straight ahead through your eyes, all that you see is your eye's field of view. Now when you put your hands around the corner of your eyes, that will reduce your peripheral view. With that, even your field of view reduced alongside. This is what exactly the field of view is in dental or surgical loupes. Loupes work in the same manner, anything that you can see at one time when looking through the lenses of the loupes is your field of view.

    So while considering buying the right pair of dental and surgical loupes it is vital to note that the working distance and field of view go hand in hand. A longer working distance will set as equal to a larger field of view and vice versa. 

  5. Weight

    Surgical and dental loupes have to worn comfortably for long to avoid the clumsiness during work. Dental and surgical work requires precision without any compromise, you might have to work for longer hours with the loupes on so you must bear the weight of the loupes you are wearing. The more lightweight they are, the more comfortable you will be while wearing them. The lighter dental and surgical loupes also reduce the tension on your muscles and other physical problems.


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Dental and surgical loupes are a significant investment in your medical practice and facility, helping you deliver precision in your work which protects patients from physical fatigue. Dental and surgical loupes by Schultz come with lifetime warranty and 30 day trial period. Buy our top quality optics and extremely lightweight loupes for your medical practices.


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