10% Spring Sale + Different Ways to Save on Loupes This Spring

The sun is finally shining brightly, the atmosphere is starting to feel warm but not too hot for outdoor activities, the air is getting fresher, and the flowering plants have bloomed beautifully everywhere. There’s no denying, it is now springtime – the best time to start a new hobby, to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without freezing your feet off, and of course, to buy a new pair of loupes.

Optical magnification loupes may be known to be one of the expensive pieces of dental tool and instrument any dental professional need to invest into, but this does not always mean that you have to break the bank to buy a new pair. Also, you do not have to settle to a subpar product and sacrifice the quality by buying cheaper dental loupes. The great news is that there are a lot of ways to save on dental loupes this spring season without sacrificing the quality.

Dental Loupes

Today, we are going to share with you some ways to save on your spring purchase without settling with subpar, low quality dental loupes.

Look for seasonal sales and discounts

Getting a new pair of loupes offered with a discount is a great way to cut a few dollars off your purchase. Huge shopping companies are always offering seasonal sales and discounts. Try to check if they are offering discounts on loupes too.

seasonal sales and discounts

Another way to enjoy a discounted purchase is to check which dental loupes company is currently offering sales and discounts. For instance, we at Schultz Optical are currently offering a 10% off your dental loupes and headlight purchase for our Spring Sale. To get a 10% discount, simply use the promo code SP10 when placing your order.

Buy loupes directly from the manufacturer

Dental loupes, just like any other products, are offered at retail stores or third party sellers with an added cost. Of course, these individuals and businesses need to earn a profit and to pay the overhead cost or the expenses of running a business. In order to earn some profit off every item they sell, they need to add a certain amount or percentage mark-up to the product cost. This makes the final retail price high.

If you don’t want to pay this added cost, it is better not to buy from third party companies. Schultz Optical, for instance, is offering dental loupes and headlights at a factory price.

Schultz Optical loupes are made from German medical grade optics and high-quality materials but they are offered at a very low price. Why is this so? You may ask. Well, the answer is quite clear and simple- it is because we innovate, design, manufacture, and sell our own products without the help of third-party individuals or middlemen. Also, we offer our loupes to our customers straight from our factory. This only means that we don’t have to add a certain amount or percentage markup to cover the cost of hiring third-party individuals or businesses.

This is how we are able to offer our high quality and stylish dental loupes and headlights at a very low price without sacrificing quality. In fact, our loupes are comparable with cheap, subpar loupes when it comes to price, and are also of equivalent quality as with expensive brands.

Surgical Loupe

Save on shipping fees

Shipping fees can also add to the total cost of your loupes. In order to save on shipping fees, shop at dental loupes retailers that offer free shipping.

For instance, Schultz Optical offers free shipping to orders amounting to $200 and above. This is only applicable for products to be shipped to Canada and the United States, though. If you want your loupes to be shipped to Australia or to other countries around the globe, you will be asked to pay $69 for the shipping fee.

Save on buying multiple wrong loupes

For significant dental instruments such as loupes, you can’t just rely on reading reviews or the product description. You will have to try the product yourself in order to really know if the product suits you well.  

The major downside of buying loupes from online shops and other dental loupes companies is that you can’t be able to try them on beforehand. With Schultz Optical’s 5-day free home try-on program, you can try the loupes of your choice for free and see if they fit you well before finally buying them, thus, avoiding buying multiple wrong loupes.

Look for great warranty deals

Why is warranty important when picking a new pair of loupes and why it can help you save some dollars? Let us put it this way- the quality will not only affect your experience but will as well affect the overall cost of the loupes. Take note that the quality of loupes can also be mirrored through the warranty policy offered by the company. In general, companies offering great warranty deals are those who are confident with the quality of their products. Whilst, in many cases, those low-quality loupes are offered with not-so-good warranty deals.

Inexpensive loupes that are made from cheap materials may easily get damaged and therefore require repair. Repairing loupes and/or replacing broken parts can be really expensive. Whilst, high quality, and expensive loupes generally last longer, do not easily get damaged, and do not require frequent repair. You may need to shell out only a small amount for the initial cost of the cheap loupes but if you try to add the cost of repair or replacement, you will be surprised to know that you may actually spend more than buying expensive but high-quality loupes right away.

To give you an idea what a great warranty looks like, let us take Schultz Optical’s 50% cost saving lifetime warranty policy as a concrete example. Because we are highly confident about the quality of our products, we do not only offer a 30-day risk-free, money back guarantee, we also offer a lifetime warranty to all the working parts of the hinge mechanism, barrels, and optics of our dental loupes. All our frames also come with a generous 2-year warranty. On top of that, Schultz Optical also offer huge discounts for frame replacements, should you need to replace the frame beyond the warranty period.

Hope these tips will help you save a few hundred dollars on your dental loupes purchase this spring season.


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