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When you plan to buy Surgical Headlights, you may come across various questions in your mind. For instance, how will a surgical headlight be helpful to me? Or how long its battery will last etc. So, to enable you to make the right purchase, we will discuss some of the key questions related to Dental headlights.

Q1. What are Surgical Headlights?

Surgical Headlights are bulbs fitted on dental loupes to provide necessary lighting to the operative field to make the treatment process easier and efficient for dentists. Schultz offers a wide range of LED SURGICAL HEADLIGHT. The intensity of illumination is 65,000 LUX, which provides ultra brightness in the yellow and white tone, making fine details of the mouth even more clear.

Q2. How do surgical light loupes work?

Surgical loupes work in tandem with operational light. With higher magnification, additional illumination is required. Using LED lighting will naturally dilate the user’s pupils which will reduce the depth of field.

Q3. Are LED lights safe for eyes?

Yes, our LED lights are designed to provide safe vision to the eyes. Too intense light or too dim light can strain your eyes. Poorly designed light can also be harmful to the eyes.

Q4. How long does battery life last?

Schultz surgical headlights for illumination have 50,000 hours bulb life and up to 10 hours run time per day.

Q5. Can  surgical headlights be mounted on the loupes?

Yes, Schultz surgical headlights can be mounted on the dental loupe frame. Loupes offer 5 x magnifications to the eyes and the extra-long lamp adjustment brackets allow co-axial alignment with loupes.

Q6. Are surgical headlights adjustable?

Yes, completely. The dental loupe light can be adjusted according to the convenience of the dentist. It can be declined or inclined to enable the dentist to focus on a targeted area.

Q7. What key points should I consider while buying surgical headlights?

The main criteria for buying dental highlights should be the illumination it provides.

Ensure that there is no change over the depth of field. If the beam’s colour changes with change in the working distance ranges, then the wearer might not be able to see the true colours of the object.

Controllable Brightness- The brightness may vary from person to person depending on the age of the user and nature of the objects. It is essential to check whether the headlights have brightness control features to achieve maximum visual acuity.

Uniformity in light beam: If the beam doesn’t reflect uniform light, then the contrast images will be distorted.


Q8. What are the benefits of using Surgical Headlights?

Surgical headlights are incredibly instrumental in making dental procedure better and efficient.

Schultz uses high optic material to create the BEST SURGICAL LOUPES and  lights.

The loupes built by us have superior brightness and fully adjustable light beam.

Headlights are made using lithium polymer technology that makes it lightweight and fully adjustable to wear for long hours.

Schultz offers wireless surgical headlights that enable dentists to be flexible at work.

The side padding of the loupe is easy to clean

Loupe lights are inexpensive and are just a one-time investment.

The surgical headlights come with two batteries. The run time of each cell is approximately 10 hours at a time.

Q9. How to sterilize loupe lights?

After each use, surgical headlights should be wiped with 70% isopropyl alcohol or similar disinfectant.  

Q10. What is the return policy?

At Schultz Loupes, we offer 30 Day Risk-Free Trial Period for all of our products so you can have peace of mind when you make a purchase decision. Within 30 days if you don’t find the product suitable, you can return the product or ask for an exchange at no cost. However, it is also important to note that it takes 1 -2 weeks for eyes to adjust with loupe vision.

Q11. What is the product warranty?

Both the butterfly wireless headlight and orchid high power headlight come with a two-year warranty. Additionally, we offer a significant discount for replacement batteries and frames after the product exceeds the warranty period.

Q12: What are the long-term monetary advantages of LED lights over traditional bulb technology?

If you purchase 300-watt xenon fibre optic system, you will approximately incur $1,000 annual cost for bulb and cable replacement. On the other hand, if you invest in LED surgical headlights, you can almost save $3,000 to $ 5,000 in the first year itself.

Q13: Do LED lights lose brightness after some time like halogen and xenon technology?

LED headlight does not degrade illumination with time. LEDs are light-emitting diodes, solid-state chips releasing energy in the form of photons of light. Lighting from LED chips will not lose brightness with time and can work up to 50,000 hours. The light emitted from LEDs is pure white or yellow, bright, cool light and the system it uses is digital- so it is either 100% on or off. Whereas, Halogen and xenon lose it’s in luminosity over time due to bulb quality degradation and breakage in fibre optic cable. Almost all fibre optic xenon and halogen systems emit infrared heat.

To Sum up!

We have covered most of the questions that you’re likely to encounter when you purchase Surgical Headlight. For more questions, you can write to us at ———email.

Schultz is one of the leading manufacturers/sellers of Dental Loupes in the US and Canada. Every single pair of surgical and Dental Loupe/Headlights is made with high- quality and lightweight materials. They are built, keeping in mind the comfort of the user. Moreover, you can find a wide range of trendy Loupes at attractive rates.


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