Dental Loupes: What Young Dentists Need To Know About It

Although new dentists are already taught at school the importance of using magnification optical devices and equipment in dentistry like the dental loupes, there are still many who are apprehensive of using an optical aid because of reasons like it may have a bad impact on their eyes, they still can't afford it or they are more comfortable practicing dentistry with their own bare eyes. Some dentists, especially the young ones, are getting confused about which magnification to choose, what type of dental loupes should they buy, when should they start using them, and why should they use them. This article will try to answer these few important questions commonly asked by young dentists.

What are magnification optical loupes the best for me?

There may be a few options available right now when it comes to magnification optical aids but the best one that you should use is the dental loupe. For dentistry, dental loupes are a must if you want to enhance your visual acuity, precision, and work performance. Dental loupes are not only portable and easy to use, they are as well easy to find and are available in various designs and styles.

When should I start using dental loupes?

The quick answer to this question is "now". The sooner you use a dental loupe, the better and the more you can enjoy the many benefits it can provide.

Which magnification should I choose?

In dentistry, magnification devices can range from 2.5x to 6.0x. For starters, the best magnification to choose is 2.5x. This level is enough for general dental clinical examinations and procedures. It is also better to start at the lowest level and get accustomed to it first before you attempt to opt for higher magnification levels.

Why should I use dental loupes?

Dental loupes offer many benefits. However, the two most remarkable benefits it can give are ergonomic and optical. Working with small objects and dark holes like the teeth and mouth can be really challenging most especially in the absence of proper optical device. Dental magnification loupes lower down this level of difficulty by allowing you to see the oral cavity and your work area in crisp details. Dental loupe provides you with a better vision of the area you are working on by magnifying everything that you see through the lens within your field of view. Having a better vision does not only help you avoid forcing your eyes to closely see the oral cavity, it likewise helps you get rid of eye fatigue or eye strain.

There is nothing more that can defeat the ergonomic benefits that the dental magnification loupe offers. Normally, when working with your bare eyes, you need to bend forward or lean closer to the mouth of your patients just for you to see the teeth clearly. Holding such uncomfortable and unnatural position for a few minutes and for a couple of times a day can lead to muscular pains like upper and lower back pain, neck fatigue, shoulder stress, and even headache. In the long run, this muscular pain can develop into a chronic disease and can lead you to have the occupational condition called dental hunchback.

If you want to prolong your career and avoid these health problems, you need to use magnification optical aids like the dental loupes dental loupes for surgeons which allow you to see the oral cavity within your work distance and without having to lean forward and stay in an unnatural position for extended periods of time.


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