Dental Loupes Micro TTL 2.0x-3.0x

Custom-Made TTL Dental Loupes have a 25% wider field of view than other models, giving you a better view of your patient. You will be amazed at the brightness and clarity. These dental surgical loupes are perfect for Dental Hygienists who need lightweight, dependable hygiene loupes.

Since you will be wearing them all day, you want them as light as possible. Our custom-made TTL Loupes, weigh in at only 1.7 oz. That is half the weight of standard loupes.

In addition, our custom-made TTL Loupes are less than half of the price charged by other companies. We offer your choice of frame colors so you can either blend in or stand out. We also can attach our Feather Light or Super Bright LED headlights so you will never have to worry about adjusting your lamps again.