Dental Hygiene Loupes: Correcting Common Misconceptions

The development of dental hygiene loupes technology has greatly contributed to the modernization of dentistry. With the right type of dental hygiene loupes, hygienists and dentists are able to enhance the quality of their work most especially when performing complicated dental surgeries where precision and accuracy are highly required. Dental hygiene loupes enable dentists and hygienists see their work field better and clearer making it possible for them to operate with less difficulty and more accurately.

Dental Headlight

A recent survey revealed that 82 percent of dental practitioners and 83 percent of hygienists in the United Estates use dental magnifying loupes at work. Out of the 18 percent of dental practitioners and 17 percent of hygienists who still do not use dental magnification loupes, more than 50 percent of the respondents said that they would like to try wearing loupes in the future while the others still wish to seek more information about dental loupes before they will finally give it a try.

One of the major reasons why there are still a lot of dentists and hygienists who refuse or who are still holding back from buying their own dental hygiene loupes is the fact that some find it difficult to get used to working with a magnified image. It is just normal for first-time users to feel nauseous or dizzy during the first few days of using them most especially if you pick those with higher magnification power. Getting used to using dental loupes is also a bit challenging for some dentists and hygienists. One key to easily get used to using loupes is to start with the lowest available magnification power. As you get accustomed to working with magnified images, you can slowly adjust to higher magnification power to take full advantage of the loupes.

Dental magnification loupes are only intended for old professionals who need optical assistance to enhance their vision. This is one of the common misconceptions that cause dentists and hygienists to hold back from using loupes. The fact is, dental loupes are not only intended for aged practitioners but also for younger ones. Loupe Direct highly recommend starting using loupes as early as possible to avoid a variety of occupational pains in the future and to maximize full potential.

Another misconception that makes practitioners doubtful in using loupes is its possible negative effects on the eyes. As of the moment, there are still no clinical reports that dental loupes can damage your eyesight. In fact, loupes can help you get rid of eye strain or eye fatigue by allowing you to see the oral cavity with less difficulty. You do not need to force your eyes to focus on your work area to get better access because the loupes allow you to see clearly within your working distance.

When you work with small objects like the teeth with your bare eyes, you often miss out the smaller and almost hidden problems or details which can lead to lower quality dental care. Loupes can help you see even those details that are invisible to the naked eye making it possible for you to come up with a more precise diagnosis and a more appropriate treatment.


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