Dental Headlight: A Useful Guide For Beginners Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the two-part dental headlights user guide for beginners. In the first part, we have talked about the importance of illumination in dentistry and how it can help dental professionals in performing various procedures and examinations. We have also answered the concern about the safety of using dental headlights. We have likewise identified which of the illumination systems available today is the best option. In this article, we will continue to discuss some of the other common questions about dental headlights. 

Can the LEDs last for years?

Yes, they can. Most of the LEDs being used in dental Illumination headlamps can last up to 50,000 hours or more. Let us say that you will be using the headlight 8 hours a day every day. This means that a superior quality dental headlight can provide you with consistent and enough illumination for approximately 25 long years.

Can I use the dental headlights with your dental loupes?

Yes, definitely. But this also depends on the design of your dental loupes and the type of headlight you buy. If you can, buy a pair of dental loupes together with the headlight. This gives you the assurance that the set will all work together in perfect harmony. However, if you still can't afford to buy them all at once, or if you decide to buy the light, later on, make it sure that the frame of the dental loupes can mount the headlight so you can easily just clip it on and secure it in place later. 

Do I have to sterilize my dental LED headlight?

As with any other dental tools, equipment, and devices, you also need to clean and sterilize your dental LED headlight not only to protect yourself from harmful substances but also to lengthen the life cycle and to maintain the health of your headlight. You can sterilize it by wiping it every day (or every after use if possible) with a soft cotton and 70% isopropyl alcohol or other similar mild disinfectants.

Do I need to consider the weight of the LED dental headlights?

Yes, generally, the weight of the dental LED headlights matter. As much as possible, pick the lightest available headlight. You will be using it for a few minutes to an hour at a time. No matter how light the headlight is, as you continue to wear it for extended periods of time, its weight can build up. An already heavy dental headlight can get heavier over time, which can make you feel uncomfortable. 

Do the LED bulbs of portable dental headlights degrade like xenon and halogen technology?

No, they do not. Unlike the xenon and halogen technology, the light emitting diodes or LED of the portable dental headlights do not degrade over time. The LEDs are solid-state chips that release energy in the form of light or photons. They do not degrade in luminosity over time but they have a specific life cycle. On the other hand, the luminosity of both the xenon and halogen systems can degrade as time passes by due to the breakage of their fiber optic cable and the degradation of the bulb. Also, unlike the fiber optic of the halogen and xenon systems that emit infrared heat, the LEDs produces bright, cool, and pure white light.


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