Common career killers dentists should avoid Part 1

Dentistry is such an enjoyable and satisfying career. You get to help people fix their oral problems and help them attain that beautiful smile while earning a decent income. But the dental career is not just all about great income, enjoyment, and satisfaction. It can likewise be really strenuous and challenging. Here are a few career killers that you must not dare to make even once in your career.

dental headlights

Thinking that dental headlights are all the same

Many dentists think that all dental headlights are the same. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make as a dentist. Dental headlights are not created equal. They differ in many ways depending on the manufacturer and model. Apart from the design and price, they can also differ in beam color, brightness, light uniformity, and weight. Of all the factors to consider when purchasing a dental headlight, these 4 are the most important.

The best dental LED headlights are those that produce high quality, right quantity, uniform, and stable illumination. The headlight should have a light bulb that produces a pure white illumination that ensembles that of a natural daylight. This allows you to see the operating field without any color distortion. You should also pick the lightest available headlight.

Choosing the wrong dental LED headlight can cause various problems including eyestrain, musculoskeletal pain, reduced productivity.


Neglecting the importance of healthy working posture

Many dentists, especially the new ones, think that it is just normal for them to feel different kinds of pains especially when they work all day long. They believe that just like in any other job, you can also feel some pain every now and then in dentistry. They also believe that this pain can easily go away by just taking some rest and painkillers. While this can be true in some cases, it should not be taken that lightly.

With so many challenges around a typical dental clinical setting and with the oral cavity being located in such a dark and secluded area, dental professionals are exposed to various work-related illnesses. In order to see the oral cavity, dental professionals tend to bend forward and stay in a hunchback position while working. Maintaining such poor work posture for extended periods of time increases your potential to suffer from serious occupational musculoskeletal injuries which can not only negatively affect your performance but can also lead to early retirement.


Ignoring musculoskeletal pains

Failure to do something to correct musculoskeletal pains apart from resting and taking pain reliever can cause serious musculoskeletal damage or injury.

While feeling some pain related to work every once in a while can be considered normal in some cases, intermittent pain can mean something else. Due to the nature of their work, it is common for dentists to feel pain sometimes. However, when this pain starts to occur again and again and when it starts to hinder you from properly performing tasks you usually do, then it is about time to give it due attention. Seek medical advice to know your health status and to know what treatment options are available for you. 


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