6 Practical Tips For Writing A Dental Professional Resume

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So you are starting to look for job opportunities where you can possibly apply for. Prior to proceeding with your application, you will have to get ready with your documents and yourself first. And one of these important documents is your resume.

Before presenting yourself for the initial interview, you need to first submit your resume. Writing a resume seems to be really easy and straightforward. However, if you want to get the attention of the hiring panel, you need to make it look as compelling and interesting as possible. But how can you write a resume that will surely stand out? Here are a few tips for you:

Keep it short but sweet

The hiring panel usually doesn't spend too much time reading a pages-long resume. If possible, aim to make your resume no longer than one page. Add all the critical details on the first page and leave everything else behind. You don't have to add flowery words and go around the bush, too. Be direct to the point.

Omit the phrase "contact/personal information/details"

You don't have to add the label contact/personal information/details as this is quite self-explanatory. Just follow the format complete name, mailing address, telephone/mobile number, appropriate email address, link to your relevant online portfolio, and LinkedIn profile and that's it.

You also don't have to add some personal information that can possibly be grounds for discrimination (at least on the end of the hiring panel) like the name, work and address of parents, your religion, race, weight, height, eye color, and blood type, among others.

Emphasize your educational attainment

If you still have no work experience, you can consider your educational attainment as your greatest asset. So, you have to emphasize it. Apart from the primary education information like name and address of the school and the year you graduated, include items like your GPA, your achievements at school like if you are a consistent dean's lister, and the special awards you received if you have any.

Look for keywords

When checking the qualification requirements of the dental practice you intend to apply to, keep an eye to the primary keywords. For instance, the dental office includes qualification requirements like they need someone with work experience, someone who is proficient in working with precision instruments like dental loupes and headlight, or someone who can work with less supervision, make sure that you highlight these details in your resume.

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Don't just add an objective, include a career summary

Though the objective and career summary seem to be pretty similar, they differ in terms of completeness. In the objective, you can just write something about why you are applying for a certain job. But, in the career summary, you can explain in 2-3 sentences what your objectives are, your skills, qualifications, and what you can do for the company.

Highlight related experience

Only include work experiences, organization affiliations, education background, volunteer positions, and internship programs that are relevant to the job position you are applying for as well the responsibilities associated to these experiences that you were able to handle effectively.

If for instance you are applying for a dental hygienist position and you have worked as a hygienist intern at a certain dental practice and as a virtual assistant at another company, only include the first work experience and exclude the latter on your resume. You can always share it during the interview if you are asked about your other work experiences. 


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