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Using a pair of magnification loupes has become a standard in modern dental practice. As the number of dentists and other dental professionals who realize the many benefits that loupes offer increases, more and more professionals are encouraged to buy their own and to use them in their day to day practice.
Even dental schools and institutions are also now requiring all their students to have and use magnification loupes as part of their program.

Today we are going to discuss why dental loupes are becoming a craze in the world of modern dentistry these days. Included in this post are the many benefits that this revolutionary instrument provides.

1. Dental loupes enhance visual acuity

The dentists’ work involves small, detailed parts of the oral cavity which are located in a secluded, dark, hard to reach area. More to that, the teeth are also small and the significant details are really very tiny, making them difficult to see with just the naked eyes.

 The dental loupes are designed to magnify what the dentist can see when looking through the magnification lenses. It makes the image of the oral cavity, the teeth, and the gums look larger and more detailed, allowing easier access to the small and dark areas. Thus, enhancing visual acuity.
Dental loupes like Schultz Optical loupes are available in different magnification levels. This gives you more freedom to choose which magnification level is necessary for the dental procedure you are doing.

For instance, lower magnification levels like 2.0x, 2.5x, and 3.0x are enough for general dental care procedures. While those higher levels such as 5.0 and above are ideal for more complicated, detail oriented surgical dental procedures.

2. Dental loupes help improve precision and accuracy

Because you can see your work field very clearly and largely in crisp detail, your precision and accuracy can be greatly improved. This is especially true when doing intricate dental surgeries and procedures that require high levels of precision and accuracy.

3. Dental loupes can lead to more accurate diagnosis

Working with your bare eyes means that you can just be able to see what a normal set of eyes can see. Unfortunately, the human eyes lack the ability to see very small images in detail unless a magnification tool is used. This leads to misdiagnosis.

With the help of dental loupes, the image of those very tiny dental issues which are often invisible with the naked eye becomes larger and visible. This will allow you to easily recognize them, leading to a proper and more accurate diagnosis.

4. Dental loupes promote better work posture and prevent dental hunchback

Long were the days when you can see many dentists (especially those who have been in practice for decades already) walking down the aisle with a C shaped back and poor posture. Thanks to dental loupes, the “dental hunchback” stuff has become a thing of the past.

Given the fact that the oral cavity is quite secluded and the patient is lying down on a position lower than your normal line of sight, you need to bend forward in an uncomfortable C-shape position to gain better access of your work area. Doing this for extended periods of time every single day of your practice will cause your back to curve unnaturally. In the long run, you may end up looking like the fictional character Quasimodo in the novel Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Dental loupes are designed to let dentists work within a comfortable, working position. This dental magnification aid allows you to see the oral cavity in crisp detail within your working distance and in a more neutral posture, eliminating the need for you to bend forward.

5. Better posture means reduced musculoskeletal problems

One of the common issues dentists deal with is having musculoskeletal problems. If you think that musculoskeletal problems are naturally part of dental practice, well, you may need to think again and investigate. Dental loupes have successfully changed the common mentality that tells people about chronic musculoskeletal problems and dental practice being a premade package.

Dental practice related musculoskeletal problems and injuries are generally attributable to poor working position. That is, when you work in an uncomfortable position – like bending your head downward and leaning forward- and stay in such posture for extended periods of time, you will sure to feel neck and back pain. Left untreated and unaddressed, this simple neck and back pain can lead to a more serious chronic musculoskeletal problem, or worst, injury.
As mentioned earlier, dental magnification loupes allow you to work in a more comfortable, neutral and better position. This helps minimize chances for back pain and neck pain.

6. Dental loupes offer an appropriate angle of declination

A forward head posture that is greater than 20 degrees is one of the contributing factors for neck pain and shoulder stress.

Part of the ergonomic benefits of dental loupes is the angle of declination. This angle of declination refers to how steep the optical barrels are angled or declined downwards in the frames of the loupe. For optimal comfort and safer working posture, loupes have to offer an angle of declination that is less than 20 degrees. This allows you to sit in an upright, ergonomic position and still see your work field very clearly.

7. Dental loupes help reduce eye strain

Normally, when you need to keep your eyes focused on small objects, you need to exert more effort. Forcing your eyes to see and focus more than their normal capacity can lead to eye strain, and eventually a headache.

With the produced larger or magnified image of the oral cavity offered by dental loupes, your eyes need not exert more effort just to see the small details in your work field. Dental loupes allow your eyes better and easier access to the oral cavity without exerting more effort, thus, preventing and reducing eye strain.

8. Dental loupes help improve your work speed

While this is generally subjective, many dental loupes users claim that they are able to work at a quicker pace than when working without loupes. Also, many noticed that their productivity has increased since they get accustomed to using loupes. Needless to say, this is due to better visual acuity, painless practice, and enhanced focus.

9. Dental loupes allow you to focus more and improve hand-eye coordination

When you are working with just your naked eye without the aid of magnification loupes, you will likely need to force your eyes to focus more on the small objects you are working on and to stay in an awkward bending position to gain better access of the oral cavity. Moreover, because of limited access to your work area, your hand-eye coordination will also likely to suffer.

When your back, eyes, neck, head, and/or shoulders start to strain and get painful, your movements will become limited and your comfort level will decline. This can greatly affect both your focus and work quality.

10. Dental loupes can help extend your career life

Dental loupes will not only make you work faster and more efficiently, they will likewise help extend your dental career. Most dental professionals are forced to cut their career short due to a variety of work-related health problems. Among which are chronic work-related musculoskeletal problems like lower and upper back pain, neck pain, and shoulder fatigue, as well as intermittent headache due to eye strain.

Chronic pain can be disturbing and can greatly affect your focus and performance. Sometimes, it can also lead to injury which is among the reasons why many dentists have to retire earlier.

11. Advancement in dental care

Dental loupes have significantly lifted the quality of dental care to a higher level.

In some cases, dentists can’t be able to identify dental problems at their earliest stage until the signs and symptoms got prevalent and unless dental x-ray is requested. Sometimes early signs of dental issues are unintentionally overlooked because of the naturally limited capacity of the human bare eyes.

With the work area being magnified, it becomes easier for dentists like you to see what’s going on inside the mouth, allowing you to see things that can’t be seen with bare eyes like an almost invisible stain, very minor crack on the teeth, and very tiny dark holes.

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You have to note, though, that in order to enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits and more, you need to pick the right pair of loupes. The right loupes will help make you feel better at the end of the day and will address common dentist woes.

Dental loupes are not created the same and not all will fit you well. Failure to choose the right loupes means you can’t be able to gain these benefits. Or worst, it will exacerbate whatever problems you are trying to get rid of by using loupes.

If you have questions about dental loupes, their benefits, or how will you know which one is ideal for you, feel free to drop us a message via our Contact Page. []


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