Tips For Buying Surgical Loupes Online Safely

One of the best and most convenient ways is to shop online. However, shopping online can also be risky most especially if you do not know what things to consider when selecting the right loupes. In this article, we are going to share some practical tips that will make your surgical optical loupes online shopping a bit easier, faster, hassle-free, and safer.

Type of loupes

There are basically two types of loupes - the through the lens (TTL) loupes and the flip-up loupes. These two types have their own individual differences. Flip-up loupes offer more convenience especially when you need to work without a magnification device but with safety glasses. In this case, you can just flip the optical barrels up and out of the way. The primary downsides of this type, however, is that it weighs more and it delivers a smaller field of view. If you need a lighter loupe with a larger field of view, you can go for TTL loupes.

Get your measurements

It is essential that you know the measurements of your working distance and your pupil distance to make sure that the surgical loupe delivers maximum performance. The surgical magnification loupe should have a working distance that fits you well and allows you to work with healthy posture.


You need to determine how you are going to use the loupes as this will dictate what magnification power you will need. For instance, if you are going to use it for general dentistry practice, a 2.5x to 3.0 x is enough.

Warranty and money back guarantee

Unlike buying the loupes from the local store, shopping online can be a bit risky. One is that you are not sure if the actual product you will receive has the same features and quality stated in the surgical loupes manufacturer's website or online retail store. Make sure to transact only with an online retail store that offers a money back guarantee and a product warranty so you are assured that you can get your money back should you not satisfied with the product you receive.

At Schultz Optics we offer a generous warranty for all our dental and surgical magnification loupes and headlight. In case you are not happy with our product, you can get a refund for your money with our money back guarantee and 30-day risk-free trial.

Schultz Optics

Check the company's background

Before shopping, it helps to check the background of the company first to know if it's legit or not. Read some reviews online and check how long they have been in the business. This will help you know if the company can be trusted or not.

Schultz Optics has been in the business of producing high-quality optics and headlights for surgical and dental applications. We are trusted not only by private dental and surgical practitioners and individual students but also by large medical and dental schools, clinics, universities, and institutions like UCLA and MERCK. In fact, we have been featured on the famous TV Series "Bones".


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