Schultz Top 3 Most Ideal Headband Surgical Loupes

Most of the surgical operations are so complicated that you can not do it properly just by relying on what your bare eyes can see. When performing delicate surgical operations, you may need to use a magnification optical aid which can help you perceive a brighter, sharper and clearer image of the region you are working on. However, not all surgeons are comfortable wearing surgical loupes, headlights, and safety glasses especially those heavier ones. They tend to get disturbed when these surgical aids shift and fall down their nose while working.

Surgical Loupes

If you need to use a magnification optical aid but you prefer a full-face shield which does not shift and fall down your nose while carrying out any surgical operation, the best option that you have is to opt for the headband loupes.

Just like any of our surgical optical loupes, our headband loupes are likewise made with medical grade HD optics, ANSI certified, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and high-quality materials. They are designed with comfortable, durable, and extra light padding as well as with adjustable triple hinge which gives you more options when positioning the loupes to ensure utmost comfort and fitting. You can mount the surgical magnifying loupes to the headband unit easily and quickly, too.

Flip-Up Surgical Headband Loupes 4.0x

Our Flip-Up Surgical Headband Loupe 4.0x weighs only 3.5 ounces. It is the most well-known Kepler model especially among entry-level surgeons and medical professionals who need a powerful pair of surgical magnification loupes. Among the different types of Kepler loupes, the Flip-Up Surgical Headband Loupe 4.0x is the easiest to use and to get familiar with. It has a very wide field of view, in fact, the widest of its kind. Its depth of field is also the most generous among its class. It is the best Kepler loupes to start with.

Surgical Loupes and Headlight Combo Flip-Up 4.0x

Flip-Up Surgical Headband Loupes 5.0x

The Flip-Up Surgical Headband Loupe 5.0x is ideal for surgeons and even for experienced dental professionals who need more power. Like the 4.0x, it also weighs merely 3.5 ounces. It delivers higher magnification as compared to the 4.0x. This model is easy to use and adjust.

Flip-Up Surgical Headband Loupes 6.0x

If you need ultimate power, this model is the best choice for you. Although it is the most powerful Kepler loupe available, the Flip-Up Surgical Headband Loupe 6.0x is still pretty easy to use and adjust and it still weighs 3.5 ounces.

Although they look awkward, many surgeons still find headband loupes more convenient and comfortable to wear. You can wear them all throughout the surgical procedure for hours or even all day long without worrying about straining your nose or neck. They also allow better face shield fitting, enabling you to work without anything hanging off your nose.

Surgical Loupes and Headlight Combo Headband 6.0x

Our surgical headband loupes offer an amazing depth of field which helps in minimizing eyestrain, neck fatigue, and back pain. Another benefit of this type of loupe is that it gives you the freedom to adjust your working position to achieve a more ergonomic posture. It allows you to perform any surgical procedure more precisely and efficiently.


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