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As a surgeon working on complicated and delicate surgical procedures, you need to be as precise as possible. The life of your patients is in your hand. And the success of every surgical procedure that you perform depends on your ability to carry out such task and your ability to see the operating field as well. Sometimes even with good illumination provided by the overhead operating light, it still challenging for you to stay in focus and to see the area you are working on. Unable to see the operating field can not only lead to eye strain but can also affect your eye-hand coordination, and the quality of your work as well.

Surgical Loupe

Because it is essential for you to see the operating field, surgeons are recommended to use the right magnification optical aids when performing various surgical procedures. One of the most widely used magnification optical aids today is the Schultz optical loupes.

How can Schultz loupes help surgeons?

Surgical loupes are specially designed to enable surgeons to get a better vision of the operating field. With the right magnification, surgeons are able to appreciate both the smaller neurovasculature and the precise anatomic details. It likewise enhances tissue visualization and working posture. More to that, using loupes also makes it easier for surgeons to position the surgical tools and instruments during operations.

Get your own surgical loupes now

Surgical loupes are known to be one of the most expensive medical instruments. That is why many surgeons tend to settle on just using the operating microscope provided by the hospital than to buy their own pair of loupes. What these surgeons fail to realize is that surgical loupes can greatly help transform them into a better surgeon.

Surgical Loupe

With the many benefits, surgical magnifying loupes offer, it is safe to say that it is more than worthy of your investment. You do not have to opt for the expensive brands as there are a few brands that offer high-quality optical loupes at a lower price.

Schultz loupes, for instance, are made from medical grade German quality HD optics, durable frames, and highest high-quality materials. But despite these great features, Schultz loupes are offered at a price that's relatively lower than the other leading brands of same quality and material.  

Unlike other brands, we are the ones who innovate and manufacture our optical products. We do not pay any middleman or retailer to market their products. Instead, we do the marketing ourselves. This is why we are able to offer factory price for all our surgical loupes and headlights.

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And because we understand the importance of surgical loupes in your practice, we made sure that our products are made really affordable. That is why we are always offering discounts. With our Storewide End Season Sales, you can get as much as 15% off of every Schultz loupes that you order. You just have to use the code ED15 when placing your order to avail of the 15% discount.



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