Schultz Dentistry | Who Shall Be Included In Your Network?

As a dental practitioner and at the same time the owner of your dental practice, there are many important things that you need to focus on. Aside from focusing your attention to things like how you can promote your dental practice, how to further grow it, and how you can improve your services to encourage more referrals from past and current patients and to maximize patient satisfaction, you also need to think about every single matter pertaining to running a business- from the construction of your dental office to the day to day operations and even to future uncertainties.

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No matter how skillful, knowledgeable, and smart you are, it is just impossible for you to take in all these responsibilities alone. You will need the help of some professionals to make sure that everything in your business runs as smoothly as possible. Let's put it this way. A general dentist can do general dental care services however, a specialist can carry out more intricate procedures like root canal a lot better. You need to build a network of professionals who can help you in most important aspects of your business. But who shall be included in your network?

Dental equipment, tools, and supply specialists

It's recommended that you transact only with people who have a vast knowledge of your industry. For your supplies, tools, and equipment needs, contact only trusted dental product specialists. They can help you decide and purchase which dental equipment, tools, supplies, and instruments like Schultz dental loupes would best help you grow your business and suggest latest technologies for long-term success.

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You will have to seek guidance and advise from an adviser at some point in your career especially during times when you need to make major business decisions. It's highly recommended that you work with an adviser who specializes in dental industry, preferably a dental practice management consultant or a dental-focused attorney.

Lenders and loan brokers

A lender or loan broker can help you get the right financing for your dental practice whenever you decide to put up your own dental office or perhaps to establish a new branch expansion. However, not all lenders and loan brokers have enough knowledge about the real cost of a dental practice. With that, choose a dental-specific lender or loan broker who doesn't just know but understand well the project breakdown of a start-up practice.

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Certified Public Accountants

True, you can handle your cash flow by yourself. However, the financial aspect of your business entails more than just handling the cash flow. A CPA can help you with the financial matters most especially in areas like proper filing of tax returns, handling receivables, and insurance claims and disputes which can be really confusing.

From time to time, you will need to work with a CPA. When hiring a CPA, make sure you are working with someone who has already handled at least 20 to 30 dental clients.


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