Schultz Dentistry: A Guide To A Smoother And More Effective Private Dental Practice Part 2

The other day we have talked about the first 4 helpful ways to run and manage a private dental practice more effectively and smoothly. This includes:

          * Improving your customer service

          * Modifying your dental office hours

          * Keeping your dental tools, devices, facilities, and instruments like your dental loupes up to date

          * Making your exam rooms more organized, neat and tidy

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In today's post from Schultz dentistry desk, we are going to continue to discuss some other tips that can help you make your dental practice run smoother and more effective.

Automate billing

Preparing the billing is such a challenging and time-consuming process. Although you can always hire someone who can handle billing, using technology to automate billing is still a better option. There are a few software solutions that can help make you prepare the billing in a more efficient, effective, and less time-consuming way.

Expand your team

A typical dental team is composed of a dentist, a dental hygienist, and a dental nurse or assistant. But it is certainly not enough to have only this set of professionals in your team. How about expanding your team and offering everything that you patients need or want? You may partner with denturists, surgeons, and other dentists with a different specialty as yours.

Aside from the medical and dental professionals, you also need to build a solid team for your dental office's day to day operations. It is important that you choose team members that are not only responsible but are also dedicated to providing your patients with the warmth, care, and attention they need.

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Pull in new patients

You need to continually gain new patients in order to grow your practice. Eleventh-hour emergencies, no-shows, and reservation cancelations can't be avoided. Get a closer look at these situations and consider it an opportunity to pull in new patients. Consider accepting walk-in patients or calling those on the waiting list to fill in the vacant slots and to maximize your daily productivity.

Market the dental services you are offering

As what was stated in the first part of this blog series, a private dental practice is also a business. And for your business to grow, you need to market it. But marketing dental services can be really challenging.

Because of the pre-conceived negative perception of the general public about dentistry, people are getting skeptical when it comes to visiting a dental office. Previous negative experiences that result in patient fears can make it more difficult for you to market the services you are offering.

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The best way to combat this pre-conceived negative perception about dentistry is to show people that your dental services are indeed painless and that there is nothing to be afraid of. It also helps if you run an awareness campaign that educates people about the importance of getting regular dental services to their overall wellness.

Do you want to further increase your productivity? How about using Schultz optical loupes and headlight when performing dental procedures. Loupes and headlight will not merely enhance your visual acuity, they will likewise help you get rid of occupational pain and injury. 


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