Latest Persistence Market Research Report For Surgical Loupes, Headlights, And Camera Market

Based on the most up to date published market report entitled "Surgical Loupes and Camera Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2014-2024)" which is made by Persistence Market Research, the global market for surgical loupes and surgical cameras is forecasted to increase at 9.3% CAGR from 2014 to 2024. 

The market forecast is being separated based on various categories including the region, type of product, application, modality, and end user.

Surgical Loupes and Camera Market by Region

The region segment is classified into various regions in the world. This includes Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and North America. Of the 5 main regions, North America is expected to lead the global market. The region is seen to have the largest overall market share.

Surgical Loupes and Camera Market by Type of product

The market is subdivided into three basic types of products- the surgical magnification loupes, the surgical cameras, and the surgical headlights. Of these three types of products, the surgical loupes segment (includes Galilean loupe, Prismatic loupe, through the lens loupe (TTL), and flip up loupe is foreseen to continue being the largest segment with 10.0% CAGR.

Surgical Loupes

Surgical Loupes and Camera Market by Application

The application segment is further divided into two parts- the surgical application and the dental loupes application. The latest market report states that the dental application will still continue to take the largest part of the market with 9.5% CAGR.

Surgical Loupes and Camera Market by Modality

For the modality of the surgical products, the market is divided into two parts- the head band mounted and the clip on type. The clip-on type will be taking the largest part with 9.8% CAGR.

Dental Headlight

Surgical Loupes and Camera Market by End User

For the end user category, the market is subdivided into 4 groups- the ambulatory surgical centers, dental clinics, specialty clinics, and hospitals both private and public. It is expected that during the forecast period the dental clinics will still hold the largest percentage of around 10.5% CAGR.

Factors that affect revenue growth

The projected revenue growth is based on various factors. Among these factors are the following:

•Increasing demand for surgical optical loupes and surgical cameras due to the growing number of surgical procedures.
•Widespread application of magnification in complex dental procedures like in endodontic practice and restorative dentistry. Of all the magnification optical aids available in the market, the most popularly used is the dental loupes as it is more convenient to use and is also very portable.
•Continuous expansion and availability of dental insurance coverage in different regions. The dental insurance coverage encourages people to make use of the coverage and at the same time enjoy better dental health.

The growing awareness of the benefits that surgical loupes offer in terms of improving the operator's visual acuity and ergonomic posture also contributes a lot to the growth of the surgical loupe market.


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