Is your dental practice becoming a soap opera? Here are ways to stop it

Are you fond of watching soap opera shows on TV? Well for many of us, watching soap opera can be really exciting and interesting. It's, in fact, one of the many ways people do to add spice to their dull afternoon or perhaps to kick boredom away. But what if your dental office becomes something like that of your favorite soap opera? Can you still consider it interesting and exciting? I bet no.

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If your dental office environment starts to become a constant soap opera, what will you do? Our life is indeed a huge soap opera and so our career. However, there are times when things seem to get unbearable anymore and your dental office environment turns out to be something not conducive to working. If this happens, what shall you do? Surely, you'll get sick and tired of it and just want the drama to end as soon as possible. But how will you do it? Below are some tips that you can follow to end the constant drama in your practice.

Set up a meeting

If you are the head of the team, it helps to call everyone involved and set up a meeting. It is important that you stay calm, reasonable and logical during the confrontation. Make sure to do it at a place and time where you can't be disturbed or interrupted.

Give everyone the chance to talk and listen carefully

Let all people involved talk, explain, and express their thoughts and feelings. As much as possible, do not interrupt while he or she is talking unless otherwise, you need to clarify some details. Take note of everything the speaker says and jot down some critical points. Do the same for everybody.

Ask everyone to refrain from reacting right away, and instead, reserve their reactions and explanations until it is their time to talk. As much as possible, rephrase or summarize what the speaker has just said just to make sure that you heard the matter right and that your understanding is similar to what the speaker meant. Do this right after each person finished talking and before proceeding to the next speaker.

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Identify the root of the drama

Giving everyone the chance to talk while others are listening attentively give you and everyone else in the team the chance to know and identify the root cause of the drama. Point out all the things the group disagree and agree about and ask for other's assessment or approval.

Attack the issue, not the person

Once everyone has already agreed as to what areas have caused the conflict, it is time to address the issue. Make sure you will attack the issue and not the person. It helps to ask each person involved the right questions in a nice way and avoid sounding judgmental. As much as possible, avoid the blaming game as it can further make the issue worse.

Solve the conflict

Once everyone has already spoken their minds, it is time to discuss the matter and resolve the conflict. When resolving the conflict, make sure to focus on the future and not the past. Let everyone state their case and suggest ways to resolve the conflict and agree on one plan.

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