Important Questions To Ask Before Getting A Dental Loupe

Dental loupes are not created equal and not all can fit you perfectly as well. This is why it is very important that you know what your preferences will be when it comes to dental loupes before heading to the dental equipment and supplies shop or before contacting an online retail store. Before you pay for a specific loupe, be sure to ask these questions first.

Which loupe do I need: TTL or flip up?

Dental Loupe

The answer to this question is basically considered as a personal preference. If you want your loupe to be closer to your eyes, to have a wider field of view, and to be lighter, choose the TTL or through the lens loupe. If you want a loupe with a narrower field of you and a piece that you can easily flip it out when not in use without removing it completely like when talking to your patient, opt for flip up.

What field of view is the most appropriate for me?

The field of view is the things you can see when looking through the lens. Just like the magnification level, the field of view also depends on how you are going to use the loupe. One important tip that you should always remember when deciding what field of view to choose is to pick the one that enables you to see every single important detail of your working area when carrying a specific dental procedure.

Do I have to buy a loupe with a portable LED headlight?

Loupes and Headlight Combo

Having the right loupe is not enough for you to have a better vision of the oral cavity. You also need to have enough amount of illumination. If you can afford it now, it is better to buy a loupe with a portable LED headlight already attached to it. However, if you still can't afford it today, at least opt for the loupe with a mount for the headlight. You can separately buy a headlight later on and quickly attach it to the loupe.

How am I going to use the dental loupe?

This question might sound silly but this is actually very relevant. Many dentists would answer: "Of course, I will be using it for my dentistry practice". Although this is true, there are many ways to use dental loupes. Before buying a loupe, you should know first how you are going to use it. Will you use it for typical clinical examinations or checkups or for intricate dental procedures and surgeries?

But why you should be specific when it comes to your purpose of buying a loupe? It is because the magnification level will greatly depend on how you are going to use the loupe. For instance, if you are going to use the loupe for daily clinical exams, check-ups, and dental tasks like tooth extraction, a 2.5x magnification is enough. However, if you need a loupe for complicated procedures and surgeries that require more focus and attention to details, you may opt for higher magnification levels.  


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