Importance of Dental Loupes for Students

Surgical LoupesWhat are dental loupes?

Dental Loupes are the magnifying glasses that dentists wear to enlarge the vision when they operate in the clinic. There are two important reasons why loupes are worn. The first and primary reason is to have a bigger and clearer vision of small particles of the mouth. The Second important reason is the physiologic posture while working and thereby minimizing eye strain and pain in the back and neck.

Why is it essential to have an enlarged view of the mouth? The most obvious answer is to have efficiency in the treatment and elimination of any mistakes. The enlarged vision brings precision in the dental work. Dentists can see shapes of the tooth correctly as well as the final restoration which they provide for their patients. Most importantly, dentists can make an accurate and complete diagnosis of what is the condition of the patient’s mouth.

Dental Loupes are only crucial for dentists but also for dental students who are future dentists and hygienists. The use of loupes helps in the early learning of the elements of the mouth. That is why several dental schools worldwide have already implemented the use of dental loupes in-classroom training.

Benefits of using Dental Loupes for Students

1 Good body posture since the beginning

Even during the college days, dental students have to spend a lot of time practising, which can start pain in the back and neck. Implementing the use of dental loupes from the beginning itself helps students to maintain a healthier posture and builds good habit.

As per research, several dentists were forced to take early retirements due to musculoskeletal problems which causes severe back and neck ache- the problems arise because dentists or a student have to bend down to see the tooth of the patient closely. If a student or dentists wear loupe, they won’t need to bend down and would be able to get a clear vision with straining body muscles.

2. Better learning

Since learning and knowledge is the foundation to expertise any profession, in the same way, dental loupes’s role in the learning of dentistry is more effective. Getting exposed to the use of optical magnifications during the medical school days makes the learning curve sharper and brighter.

With the use of optical magnification from the beginning, students can understand the necessary foundation of mouth anatomy in a better way by practising. This will allow them to have good hands-on experience in dentistry, minimized risk and will bring positive outcomes in the treatments.

3. Expertise

Practice makes the man perfect! And with the right gadgets, the perfection is guaranteed.

Students who use dental loupes during pre-clinical dental education days tend to have greater overall performance as compared to those who don’t use loupes.

Loupes are meant to provide the high defined vision to aid dentists to work efficiently and effectively. Students who begin using loupes from the start of their career would be able to work quickly and with precision. The reason behind it is, those students are well-versed with tooth carves, nerves and other elements of the mouth.

4 Accurate Diagnosis

Dental magnifying loupes can enhance your vision and improve your precision not only while performing but in making an accurate diagnosis. Accurate diagnosis is the first step to successful treatment, and it is only possible if you have the right equipment with you.

Even for students who are studying dentistry, they have to come to a situation where they have to treat demo or real patients. It could just be a regular practice, but the accuracy in the diagnosis and treatment is all needed for dental students in excelling studies and work.

Surgical Loupes

Which dental loupes should you buy?

Dental loupes are either flip-ups or through the lens. Although the choice of loupes greatly depends on the user , students generally go for affordable loupes that are flip-ups. However, if you are thinking about long-term use, you can pick the more expensive option, through the lens (TTL) loupes.

Both of these loupes are different in several ways, but they can both provide you with the right magnification and outstanding performance. The massive difference between these two is the comfort they provide. Since the optical barrels of the TTL loupes are drilled directly into the carrier lens, they tend to be lighter as compared to the flip-up loupes, making the TTL more comfortable to use.

Why buy Student Loupes from Schultz?

Having the right tool, along with your learning journey, is critical to becoming a successful dental professional. However, the cost of dental loupes is slightly expensive, and not all students can have loupes.

So, being a Student Loupe Company, we offer high-quality dental loupes at very affordable prices, apart from warranty programs, we also offer a student discount. Our loupes are lightweight and are made to feel you comfortable.


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