How to Select the Right Dental Headlight for Best Dental Practice

wireless dental headlight

If you are planning to invest in wireless dental headlight, consider knowing the essential factors. These factors will help you find the right headlight for your needs.

Despite the presence of overhead lamps in the surgical room, dentists prefer to use surgical headlights, especially during the extended period of working hours. This wireless dental headlight gives professionals flexibility, allowing them to move here and there without manually adjusting the angle of the light.

If you do not have enough illumination while performing dental treatments, there is a risk of ineffective treatment and delayed procedural duration. A loupe with light enables you to see the working area more clearly and easily without causing eye strain.

Let’s look at top factors to choose wireless dental headlight:

1. Weight

The weight of the dental headlight is one of the essential factors that you should consider while buying. If the weight of the headlight is heavy, it can stress on the bridge of your nose and your neck and can affect your comfort and concentration. So, choose the one which is lighter even if you intend to wear them for 5 minutes or 5 hours. The pressure of the headlight can build up and cause pain and discomfort if you wear them for extended hours. So, think wise and go light!

2. Beam Color

Dental Headlight manufacturers would bluff you by saying that newer LEDs are the best ones that provide bright illumination. It may be true at times but not always. It is still suggested to check the lighting by yourself. To check the brightness level of the light, focus the headlamp on a bare wall, preferably on a clean white wall and then see what colours the headlight has produced.

It is usual for the manufacturers to claim that their headlight produces the white natural beam light colour, but it is better not to go by their words and check it by you. Best beam colours for dental procedures are pure white or 6000k+ LED. It provides you with sufficient illumination for accurate diagnosis and treatment of the oral cavity or other dental problems.

3. Uniformity in a light projection

Another factor that defines the quality of the headlight is its manufacturing. Some headlights have a problem in exhibiting light equally; it is a manufacturing fault. Some headlights produce extremely bright light from the centre but dull from the edges. The ideal dental headlight should have a uniform brightness. That means the brightness levels should be the same from the centre to edges. The uniformity matters because a dentist works on a small oral area which requires uniform illumination. You can check the uniformity of light projection by taking the same white wall test. 

4. Battery System

While choosing the wireless dental headlight, select the one which has long battery life with a short requirement of charging. Either polymer or lithium-ion batteries are used in the dental headlights. Generally, dentists opt for lithium polymer batteries because they run for a more extended period and have a high charge memory. However, it is important to note, lithium polymer batteries require 100% charging at one go, and if you fail to do so, its battery life would be reduced.

LED Headlight by Schultz comes with two rechargeable batteries last up to 20 hours. Plus, they are very lightweight. An Orchid Surgical Headlight weighs only 0.3 oz (9 grams), making it super comfortable to wear.

best dental headlight

5. Brightness Control

It is recommended to wear LED Dental Headlight with maximum brightness level, but it is still good to go for headlight with brightness controls. The main reason is that not all surgical processes require the same level of brightness. So, it is better to invest in the headlights with brightness control.

6. Light Intensity

Although the choice of light intensity entirely depends on your preference, experts advice clinicians to choose a headlight with a power of light that is 40,000 LUX plus. It is recommended to opt for 45,000 LUX or 90,000 LUX for surgical applications. Don’t go for cheap headlights with a lower level of intensity.

In Summary!

Picking the right pair of dental loupe with headlight helps enhance vision by providing sufficient light. Schultz offers BEST DENTAL HEADLIGHT made using lithium polymer technology and supreme-quality material that are not only durable but also lightweight to wear comfortably all day long. We offer a wide range of trendy surgical and dental headlights at attractive rates.

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