Home Try-On Service Is Now Available At Schultz Optical

Do you want to buy a new pair of dental surgical loupe but you are a bit apprehensive because of the bad experiences you had during your past purchases from other brands? Or perhaps, you want to try a few loupes and pick the one that will perfectly fit your needs and preferences but your budget is stopping you from buying them all? Here at Schultz Optical, we've got you covered.

With our new Home Try-On service, you can now be able to try any pair of fushion loupes and headlight you want at the comfort of your home or at your dental office for five days without worrying about paying anything.

Dental Office

How does Home Try-On service work?

Whether you need a fusion prismatic surgical loupe, an entry-level dental loupe, or a combination of loupes and headlight, you can try it for free with our Home Try-On service.

To try our demo fusion loupes for free, you need to first pick the demo products that you want. Once we receive your order and your contact information, we will then have the product mailed to you. Don't worry, we won't place a charge on your credit card for this. Once the package arrives, you have 5 days to try the loupes and headlight on any time you want.

Dental Loupe

If you think that the loupes fit you well in terms of comfort, magnification, lightness, design and overall quality, then you can decide to purchase the same dental surgical loupes online any time. Once you have already placed your purchase order, we will then send your chosen brand new loupes and headlight.

What shall you do with the demo product?

Whether you like the demo loupes and headlight and you have decided to purchase a brand new loupe or you are not satisfied with the demo products, you have to send them back to us after 5 days. Make sure to include the prepaid return label and mark it done.

And that's it - our Home Try-On service. It's easy and it's free.

But, since we have just started with this service, we are making it available in the U.S. only.

Isn't it nice to try any Schultz Optical loupes that you want at the comfort of your home and see first hand how it works before making a purchase? If so, then try our new Home Try-On service now!


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