Health care providers join hands to protect access to affordable health care

Over 100,000 of healthcare organizations, community clinics, and professionals including nurses, dental practitioners, physicians, pharmacists, and dentists in California are now joining their hands together to help enhance the health care system in California and to help protect the gains that the nation has made under the Affordable Care Act. The Coalition to Protect Access to Care was launched by California Medical Association last January 2018.

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According to the official website of the "Coalition Coalition to Protect Access to Care", the Protect Access CA, the new broad coalition intends to actively oppose all the efforts associated with the SB 562 and the government's move to abolish and replace the Affordable Care Act in Washington. The coalition of health care providers believes that both efforts can lead to destabilization of the economy, knocking down of the healthcare industry, and taking away of the affordable health insurance coverage from millions of Californians.

Because of the ACA, over 5 million uninsured Californians were able to obtain health insurance coverage since its implementation. The coalition also dreams to offer an extended health coverage to the remaining 3 million people in the country who still have no access to primary care.

Majority of the general public also opposes the efforts to abolish the ACA. As reported by the Public Policy Institute of California, around 60% of Californians are in favor of the ACA and merely 18% are in favor to nullifying the law.

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The coalition also believes that all people deserve access not only to high quality and timely care but also to affordable health coverage. In the current political state of the nation, abolishing the ACA seems to be impractical. It may only wreak havoc instead of helping the health care marketplace improve. The coalition is also committed to helping improve and expand health care for all Californians with the aid of the existing health care delivery system of the country.

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