Schultz Optical 15% Off Halloween Sale And A Few Trick Or Treat Tips For Dental Practices

It's trick or treat time once again! And everyone is so excited to take part in this fun annual event.

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to market your practice,  get a step closer to your patients and community, offer exciting activities, and educate people about the importance of good dental hygiene.

The question is:

Are you all prepared for the most enjoyable event of the year?

Well, if you are wondering what fun things you can do for your practice this Halloween, we have here a few ideas for you. So, brace yourself and get ready to celebrate Halloween with a BANG!

Hold a costume contest

I bet, costume parties are not at all new to you and your patients. How about holding a costume contest? You can set themes related to dentistry. Ask your patients and your local community to take a photo of themselves wearing dentistry-related costumes, and ask them to send it to you via email or perhaps by tagging you on their social media post.  

You can pin a poster of the contest on your dental office, personally invite your patients, or perhaps post the good news on your official website or social media pages. It is also nice to offer prizes for the most outstanding and unique photo.

Halloween Sale

Offer special discounts

We all love discounts and I bet your patients do as well. Give away special Halloween discounts to your loyal patients just like we do here at Schultz Optical.

We are currently offering a 15% discount for our Halloween Sale. Get 15% off your dental loupes and headlight purchase by using the promo code Treat15.

You can also offer a similar promo and see how this simple marketing strategy can attract more patients to your dental practice.

Pick up your humorous side and pitch some funny jokes

It's good to be serious at work but it also helps to keep the atmosphere a bit lighter inside your clinic by picking up your humorous side and pitching some funny Halloween dental jokes. Not only will this make your patients feel the spirit of Halloween, but it can also likewise ease and forget, at least for a moment, their dental anxiety.

You can print some jokes in small papers and give them out to your patients or post random jokes in different areas in your clinic. You can also post some dental jokes on your website or social media page if you have any. To make your posts more interesting, add some funny images or memes. Here are a few websites where you can find a comprehensive list of dental jokes:


Try the guessing game

The guessing game is always fun. Fill a glass jar with rotten witches teeth toys and let your patients guess how many rotten teeth are there. You can have your patients guess it at your clinic or via your social media page. Offer some freebies to those who got the correct answer or at least near the exact count.

Dental Loupes

Give away dental Halloween costumes

Have your team wear different dental Halloween costumes, and post the photos on your website or social media. Ask the audience to like your page, share your post, and pick their favorite costume. Randomly pick winners and give them their chosen dental Halloween costume as their prize.

So, that's it. I hope these simple ideas can help you prepare for a Spooktacular Halloween!

Once again, we are giving away a 15% discount for our Halloween Sale. Get 15% off your dental loupes and headlight purchase by using the promo code Treat15.


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