Different Ways Of Putting Your Smartphone To Work

We have asked a few dental and medical professionals what are the most important personal items that they can't live without even for a single day. Things like wallet, credit cards, money, personal kit (like a make-up kit for ladies), dental surgical loupes, and cellphones are among the most commonly mentioned personal items. As you can see, one of the personal items not only dental and medical professionals but also most of us can't live without is our cell phones.

Dental Practice

Today's era is more like a smartphone era. Almost all people around the world regardless of a profession are getting hooked on smartphones. Unlike the old days, the modern-day cellphones are used not only for communication but also for work, socialization, leisure and even for business, among others.

If you are one of those professionals who are fond of using their smartphones all day either for checking personal social media profile updates or playing games perhaps, it would be smarter if you try a few different ways to make use of your electronic gadget to improve your productivity and your dental career. How? Well, here are a few ideas how you can put your precious smartphone to work.

Use it for paperless dental practice

Paperless dentistry has become a trend nowadays as more and more dental practices now prefer to use EMR or Electronic Medical Record software, making the typical paper-based way of organizing and storing patient information a thing of the past. EMR provides every member of the team immediate access to patient files and procedure lists, thus, improving accuracy and efficiency. There is now a couple of different EMR software to use for your dental practice. Most of these types of software can be accessed through smartphones.

EMR systems do not only make it easier for you to store, manage and organize your dental practice anytime and anywhere you are, they likewise help cut down your expenses. Using EMR system is cheaper than using paper. Aside from the cost, you will likewise save up some space in your office.

Use your smartphones for a more efficient communication system

The traditional low-tech communication and workflow system like the paper card system can be helpful at first. However, as your dental practice continues to grow, you will need a more efficient and quicker system that can help improve your workflow and at the same time can help make it possible for you to cater every patient as scheduled.

This smart technology allows all members of your dental team to instantaneously collaborate with each other more easily and efficiently even during busy days. Again, you can find a few communication system apps in the market that you can use for your dental practice. You will need to find and choose the one that suits you best and you're good to go.

Gone were the days when cellphones are regarded as a nuisance in dental practice. Instead of prohibiting every member of the dental team to use their phones during business operating hours, they are not encouraged to have their smartphones on standby for work. Mobile applications like the EMR software and smart communication and workflow system which can be accessed through mobile phones can help every dental practice to efficiently manage and organize daily activities.


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