Christmas Celebration at Schultz Loupe Direct

Christmas is in the air. This is the season of giving and loving and the time when families gather together to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Christmas is perhaps one of the oldest, biggest and most widely celebrated events not only in the United States but also in the whole world. It is also one of the most important annual events that every child look forward to every year.

Christmas is not only a celebration of love, forgiving and giving but also a long-observed tradition past down from one generation to the other. And each American family has its own traditions and ways of celebrating the holiday season. While it is almost impossible to enumerate all traditions that the different generations observe during the holiday season in one sitting, we have highlighted here some of the most common fun Christmas traditions from around the world.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Caroling

Usually, when it is Christmas, a group of children, friends, church choirs and even families gather together to sing Chrismas carols. They hit the streets and roam around the neighboorhood on a cold winter evening to do Christmas caroling. Although this tradition is not anymore as popular and as widely-observed as during the old days, caroling still tops the heart of many American people. You can still hear and see a group of people caroling during Christmas gatherings and parties at school and at work.

Christmas Party

Christmas party, it is something that we are excited about during this season regardless of our age and status. With so many parties to take good care of, December is perhaps the busiest month for event planners, caterers, and organizers. Christmas parties at home, school, work, and even among old friends have been considered as among the most significant part of the holiday season.

 Christmas Party


Shopping centers are expected to be always crowded all throughout the month of December. People are busy shopping not only for food and gifts but also for things that they need for the season like decors and party clothes, among others. Many people are also busy buying new stuff for their home as preparation for the new year. In the US, Christmas shopping season starts right after Thanksgiving.

Exchanging gifts

Who among you has not yet experienced exchanging gifts? For kids and kids at heart, this is perhaps one of the most anticipated parts of the season, giving and receiving gifts. We often spend days in making a list of people whom we want to send gifts to and in thinking what nice thing to wrap for our loved ones. Some prepare their gifts for their family, friends, colleagues, godchildren, and even for themselves.

Exchanging Gifts

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Merry Christmas everyone!


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