Best Dental Loupes For Hygienists

Most often, hygienists need to bend over and hunch forming a C-shape spine just to gain visualization and access to their patient’s oral cavity. While this position seems to be unpainful and undisturbing at first, if you continue doing so, you will likely be suffering from musculoskeletal complications sooner if not later.

Many dental hygienists now understand the importance and benefits of wearing the right magnification loupes. Ergonomics, which is one of the major benefits of hygienist loupes, plays a vital role in ensuring a pain-free practice as well as a healthy and long career. This is why many hygiene schools nowadays require their students to have their own dental loupes as part of their program.

Whether you are a student looking for your first pair of loupes or a practicing dental hygienist planning to buy a new pair of magnification loupes to improve your posture and vision, we have got you covered. Below are some of our amazing collections of hygienist loupes that are not merely high quality but are very affordable as well.

Fusion Flip-Up Dental Loupes

Our Fusion Flip-Up Dental Loupes are available in 3 magnification levels – 2.5x, 3.0x, and 3.5x. This magnification range is enough for general dental clinical use.

Dental Loupes

We also offer two different options when it comes to adding a prescription if you need any. You can have it added on the frame or in the telescopes. For the working distance, you can have it customized to perfectly fit your needs.

Advantages over other brands:

   -  More Affordable, excellent quality, and stunning high definition lenses
   -  Stylish design and color
   -  Greater field of view
   -  A longer depth of vision
   -  Designed with triple hinge for easier 180-degree adjustment
   -  Comes in bendable sports or pure titanium frame
   -  Lightest flip-up loupes on the market with merely 1.35 oz weight or 1.8 oz total weight with sports frame
   -  Comes with a guaranteed comfortable fit
   -  Individually adjustable telescopes
   -  Made with grade high definition optics and ANSI certified impact resistance polycarbonate lenses
   -  Light and durable, made to last longer

Fusion TTL Dental Loupes

If you are looking for a stylish, high quality, lightweight, and affordable through the lens loupes with a bigger vision, then this Fusion TTL Dental Loupes is perfect for you.

Surgical Loupe

Our Fusion TTL Dental Loupes are our best seller and our lab’s latest innovation. It is available in 5 magnification levels – 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x, 4.0x, and 5.5x.

Advantages over other brands:

  -  Lightest of its kind on the market with a greater field of view
  -  50% lighter than other brands with merely 0.8 oz weight or 1.2 oz total weight with sports frame
  -  Offers 25% wider viewing field
  -  Comes with a guaranteed comfortable fit
  -  Light and durable, made to last longer
  -  Frames are made with super strong, easy to clean and durable aero grade light metal
  -  Comes with fashionable style and color.
  -  Made with grade high definition optics and ANSI certified impact resistance polycarbonate lenses

Which magnification level is right for you?

For students and first-time users, we recommend the lowest magnification as it is easier to get acquainted with. If you think your eyes are already used to working with magnification loupes on and you need more power to further enhance your ability to see the small fine details of your work region- the oral cavity, then that’s the time you upgrade your loupes to a higher level.

Adding dental headlight

For a better experience, we highly recommend that you pair your flip-up or TTL loupes with a reliable dental headlight. We offer both wired and wireless dental headlights- the Orchid Wired High Power Dental Surgical Headlight and the Wireless Dental Surgical Headlight Butterfly.


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