6 Critical Questions a Smart Dental Professional Asks An Interviewer During a Job Interview

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During a job interview, applicants normally just listen and give an answer to what the interviewer asks. A job interview is often viewed as an opportunity for your soon-to-be employer to learn more about you and to know whether you are a good fit or not. But a job interview is not only a one-way traffic. It is also a great chance for you to seek additional information about the position you are applying for, the dental team you are joining with, and the dental practice.

Dental Practice

A smart applicant is also confident in asking the interviewer some critical questions related to the job position he is applying for. And he knows what he should ask and what shouldn't. Some of the smart questions that you may ask an interviewer are as follows:

May I seek more information about the dental practice culture?

Knowing the culture observed in the dental practice will give you an idea of whether or not you will fit in and enjoy working at the office or with the dental team. Asking this question will also give the interviewer a hint that you are interested to know about the work environment, thus giving you a better chance of getting hired.

Why did you pursue working in this dental office?

Let us suppose that the interviewer is not the dental office owner himself. You can ask such question to know whether the company is a good place to start your career or not.

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Why did you choose to become a dentist/dental hygienist?

Let us say that the interviewer is a dentist or a dental hygienist. Knowing his/her reasons why he/she pursue a career in dentistry gives you an idea of whether or not you share the same passions and goals. It is better to work in a small dental team that shares the same vision, goals, and passions than a giant company with opposing vision and goals.

Is a working interview possible for you?

A working interview will allow you to work chairside and demonstrate your skills and abilities better than just writing what you are best at on your resume. This also gives you an opportunity to understand more about the practice's patient population, culture, work environment, and work ethics. Just make sure you have your dental instruments like your dental loupes and headlight with you when you ask such question.

dental headlights

Who are the members of the dental team that I will be working with?

Knowing the members of the dental team you are expected to work within the future will allow you to understand more about what to expect. For instance, you might be joining a dental team with members that are too busy with other stuff outside your duties at the dental office, thus requiring you to work with a double shift. It is better to know about things like this than to get surprised off guard.

How does career advancement work within your dental practice?

Though some think of this question as too bold for an initial job interview, you can't just leave the room without asking this important question. Unless you are applying for the top position, you surely do not like the idea of working in the same position forever, right?

If so, it helps to know if there is any room for improvement or advancement available within the organization. Also, this gives the interviewer an insight that you are interested in working with the dental practice for a long time. 


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