5 Factors To Consider When Shopping For Surgical Loupes

The surgical loupes are one of the major investments you can have in your entire dental practice. Aside from the fact that it can cost you hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars, it is also one of the most important devices and equipment that you need to have in order for you to enhance your performance and to improve the quality of the dental services you are offering. That is why you have to make sure that the pair of loupes you purchased is the right one for you. Below are the most important factors that you need to consider when shopping for the right surgical loupes.

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Magnification level

The first thing you should look into is the level of magnification. In order for you to know which magnification level to choose, you should be able to determine how you are going to use the loupes. Will you be using it for your daily dental practice or for intricate procedures and surgeries that require more focus and visual acuity? If you intend to use the loupes for typical dental procedures and examinations, a 2.5x or 3.5x magnification levels can be enough. However, for procedures that need more focus and visual acuity, opt for higher magnification levels. If this is your first time to use dental loupes, it is best to start with 2.5x magnification.

Working distance

Each of the loupes is designed with different working distance. It is best to choose the one that has a working distance that perfectly suits you. The right working distance will let you perform procedures while sitting or standing in an upright position. Because the loupe allows you to work in a specific distance, you do not have to bend forward and hold unnatural positions for extended periods of time. To know your working distance, sit or stand straight and get the measurement between your patient's nose and your eyes.

Field of view

Just like the depth of field, the field of view is likewise directly related to the working distance and the magnification factor. The field of view is the area you can see when you look through the loupes. The longer the working distance and the lower the magnification factor, the larger the field of view and the greater the depth of field.


The right amount of illumination is essential when performing various dental examinations and procedures. If you have not yet bought a headlight, you can opt for a pair of dental loupes that come with the light.

Type of loupe

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There are currently two main types of loupes or design for optics positioning: the flip-up loupe and the through-the-lens loupe. The optics of the through-the-lens or TTL loupe are built in the lens of the frame while the optics of the flip-up loupe are attached to an adjustable mechanism, which enables you to manually flip out the loupes when not in use. Although TTL loupe is more expensive as compared to the flip-up loupes, many dentists prefer it over the later because it is lighter and it also has a larger field of view.


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